Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas, MAE for Scalamandré, Another One Bites The Dust, and Disney Home for Sanderson

Welcome to TGP Tidbits where we round up the happenings and our musings of the design industry each week. This week we take a look at the forthcoming Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas, MAE for Scalamandré, the loss for another historic home, and Disney Home for Sanderson. Written by Natalie Aldridge.

Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas

Attention design aficionados, mark your calendars! Marking its fourth year, the Kips Bay Decorator Show House will return to Dallas November 3rd. Opening its doors to the public for a two-week spectacle, Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club has unveiled the venue for this fall’s much-anticipated affair: none other than 9446 Hathaway Street. Nestled within the heart of Old Preston Hollow, this 1940s gem spans 7,992 square feet with five sumptuous bedrooms and a quartet of living areas that are just waiting to be transformed. Beyond the walls, a pool beckons and the grounds are lush.

Image courtesy of the homeowners

Aside from supporting the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, an organization providing educational and developmental initiatives for youth in New York City, the Dallas Show House will extend its impact to two local charitable causes: Dwell with Dignity, a non-profit committed to crafting tranquil and uplifting homes for families experiencing hardship, and The Crystal Charity Ball, a Dallas-based foundation dedicated to aiding and uplifting children’s charities in Dallas County.

This year, the Kips Bay Decorators Show House Dallas is under the guidance of co-chairs Jean Liu and Chad Dorsey, while Laura Lee Clark and Trish Sheats assume the role of vice chairs. The honorary chairs include Jamie Drake, Jan Showers, and Veranda Editor in Chief Steele Marcoux. Anticipation is rising as we await the arrival of an exceptional cadre of interior designers to weave their magic into Hathaway Street! Tickets can now be purchased here.

MAE x Scalamandré

In an unprecedented move, Scalamandré has ventured into new artistic territory, breathing fresh life into an iconic motif. The renowned Zebras, once confined to the realms of printed fabric and wallcoverings, have undergone a remarkable transformation, now gracing the world as an exciting new jacquard with a timely collaboration.

Gino’s of Capri

Scalamandré’s iconic Zebras wallcovering traces its origins back to Gino’s, a 1940s Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Gino, the owner, harboring dreams of African safaris, enlisted Valentino Crescenzi to paint zebras and arrows on the walls. This vivid design became an emblem of the restaurant’s identity. After a fire in 1973, Franco and Flora Scalamandré helped restore Gino’s interiors. Flora’s hand-illustrated rendition of the zebra motif transformed it into an instant classic.

MAE x Scalamandre

Since then, this statement motif has adorned numerous interiors, gained cult status among design enthusiasts, and even graced the silver screen in movies like Woody Allen’s “Mighty Aphrodite” and Wes Anderson’s “The Royal Tenenbaums.” However, today marks a new chapter as Scalamandré’s Zebras venture into uncharted territory adorning luxurious ready-to-wear clothing created by New York based fashion designer MAE.

MAE x Scalamandre
MAE x Scalamandre

Sarah Mae Ettinger’s eponymous label, MAE, has gained a following for its timeless, vibrant, and delightfully playful creations. As an ardent admirer of Scalamandré’s Zebras, Ettinger approached the fabric house with the idea of reimagining this print into a women’s clothing line. Early in the creative journey, both Ettinger and the Scalamandré team discovered a shared connection: both brands share a fabric mill in Italy. This serendipitous alignment turned the collaboration into a fate-driven endeavor.

MAE x Scalamandre

All pieces are made-to-order in New York City and can be purchased here. Take a look at the full collection!

Another One Bites The Dust…

With heavy hearts, The Glam Pad reports the loss of another historic architectural gem in Highland Park. All too often over the last few years, we’ve reported such unfortunate news: architectural marvels, rich with history and beauty, succumbing to obliteration which chips away at the city’s legacy and charm.

The Potted Boxwood

On Sunday morning, the community organized a gathering that could only be likened to a wake for this esteemed residence, believed to have once been the home of the C.F. Hawn family. Neighbors convened to commemorate the house’s legacy and engage in discussions about bolstering their efforts to thwart future demolitions. Despite valiant endeavors, 4415 Fairfax Avenue met its fate of demolition on Monday morning.

The Glam Pad has consistently emphasized our ardent commitment to protecting and valuing historic homes. Instances like these weigh heavily on our hearts, evoking a profound sense of sorrow for the affected community. Should you wish to delve deeper into our coverage of previously lost historic homes, you can explore a selection of our past features here. We encourage everyone to get involved in local preservation organizations such as Preservation Park Cities.

Disney Home x Sanderson

Emerging from a timeless creative partnership that spans decades, a rekindled treasure trove of fabrics and wallpapers comes to light. In celebration of the studio’s 100th anniversary this year, Sanderson embarks on a journey through its archival treasures. Entrusting their design team with the delightful mission of reviving classic patterns and crafting an enchanting assortment of new wallpapers and fabrics infused with Disney’s magic.

Within this enchanting assemblage, vintage designs from the archives harmoniously converge with thoughtfully resurrected prints. The result is a bewitching collection, where vintage designs have been artfully sketched, painted, and reimagined for contemporary homes. The nostalgia of Disney truly holds a unique charm! Take a glimpse at some of our favorite prints.

Disney Home x Sanderson
Disney Home x Sanderson
Disney x Sanderson
Disney x Sanderson
Disney x Sanderson
Disney x Sanderson
Disney x Sanderson
Disney x Sanderson
Disney x Sanderson
Disney x Sanderson

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  1. The term for buyers who destroy priceless heritage is ‘poor people with money.’
    They don’t seem to get it, understand it, or appreciate it. Once it’s lost, it’s gone for good.
    Thanks for everything you are doing through your blog to alert your readers to the importance of preserving these wonderful old homes.

  2. I share the thoughts of the two people who commented on historic homes being demolished. This home had such quiet elegance about it. I’d hate to see a flashy, modern structure replacing it.


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