Corey Damen Jenkins for Sotheby’s, The Benjamin Siegel House, and D. Porthault Bunnies

Welcome to TGP Tidbits where we round up the happenings and our musings of the design industry each week. This week we take a look at Corey Damen Jenkins’ “Gwendolyn’s pied-à-terre” for Sotheby’s Visions of America auction, The Benjamin Siegel House, and D. Porthault.

Written by Natalie Aldridge.

Corey Damen Jenkins’ Gwendolyn’s pied-à-terre

This January Sotheby’s has unveiled “Visions of America,” an auction encapsulating the essence of American art and objects from the 17th century to the present day.Transforming three expansive floors of the New York headquarters into a captivating showcase, the extraordinary auction0 features a diverse array of treasures. From superlative fine art to exquisite furniture, fashion, decorative arts, folk art, historic maps, books, whiskey, manuscripts, and beyond, each item tells a unique story of American heritage.

To eloquently tell the story of Visions of America, the incredible AD 100, ELLE Decor A-list, and TGP favorite interior designer, Corey Damen Jenkins, has transformed 1,000 square feet of gallery space into what he aptly calls “Gwendolyn’s pied-à-terre.” This luxurious showhouse-like concept space within the auction house seamlessly melds modernity with classic Americana.

With an open floor plan comprising a spacious living room, intimate dining area, and a principal bed chamber, the pied-à-terre is a visual symphony of bold color palettes, textured layers, contemporary masterpieces, and antique discoveries sourced directly from the auctions. This is Visions of America at its most fabulous, where history meets hip in the genius hands of Corey Damen Jenkins. Let’s have a look at the space!

The Benjamin Siegel House

In the heart of Detroit’s prestigious Boston-Edison district stands The Benjamin Siegel House, an extraordinary mansion designed by the renowned architect Albert Kahn in 1915. Born in Germany, Benjamin Siegel immigrated to the United States in 1876 and settled in Detroit five years later. Initially managing a women’s apparel department on Woodward Avenue, he eventually acquired the store, renaming it B. Siegel Company. By 1904, he specialized in selling high-end women’s and children’s clothing and furs to the silk stocking trade. Post-World War II, the metropolitan area saw the operation of at least seven B. Siegel stores. Despite Siegel’s passing in 1936, the company continued until facing bankruptcy in 1981.

A tribute to Siegel’s triumph, this residence stands as a limestone masterpiece. The grand Italianate-style main house was meticulously crafted, showcasing an unwavering commitment to detail. Every facet, from the intricate millwork to the exquisite lighting fixtures, has been impeccably preserved. Now, it eagerly awaits an individual to take old of its storied history and breathe new life into its interiors, allowing them to flourish once more.

D. Porthault Bunnies

It goes without saying that we adore D. Porthault. Founded in 1920 by Daniel Porthault, the Parisian boutique D. Porthault evolved from lingerie to couture home linens at the urging of his wife, Madeleine. Departing from the era’s plain white bed linens, Madeleine introduced printed linens with fashion-inspired details, creating an instant sensation. D. Porthault remains a premier luxury linen brand, with all products crafted in Normandy. You can read our interview with the current owner here.

With Easter and spring just around the corner, D. Porthault has released an adorable new set of bunnies clad in classic prints. We just love these petite lapins. Monday also marks D. Porthault’s annual White Sale. Mark your calendar!

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  1. I have driven past the Benjamin B. Siegel mansion and it is breathtakingly beautiful. I have never been inside of it but the photos shown here are gorgeous. It is currently listed for sale with an asking price of $2,500,000. The owner, Dr. Devon Hoover, a beloved neurosurgeon, was murdered inside the home in 2023. As of January, 2024 the murderer has not been apprehended.

  2. The Benjamin Siegel Mansion is GORGEOUS! The selling price is a great price. Sad to know owner was murdered in Mansion and have not found murderer. I’m sure the Mansion has security??


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