Casa Branca for Nine Fair Backgammon, a Devon Thatched Cottage, and Colonial Williamsburg’s New Collection

Welcome to TGP Tidbits where we round up the happenings and our musings of the design industry each week. This week we take a look at Casa Branca for Nine Fair Backgammon, a Devon Thatched Cottage, and Entryways New Collections for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Written by Natalie Aldridge.

Casa Branca for Nine Fair Backgammon

There is nothing quite like a good game of backgammon. But one can simply not play backgammon without the proper board. Prepare to be enchanted by the exquisite backgammon boards created in collaboration between Casa Branca and Nine Fair Backgammon. Each a canvas of Casa Branca’s distinctive motifs: from the allure of malachite to the whimsy of mushrooms, and a bold reinterpretation of wicker. Crafted by the skilled hands of Nine Fair and brought to life by the artistic prowess of Margot Larkin, renowned for her enchanting work with Casa Branca, these boards are not mere game sets but veritable works of art. May the best player win!

A Devon Thatched Cottage

I have been known to say, “If it’s not thatched, I don’t want it!” This little cottage in Dolton, Devon, brings that phrase a whole new meaning, and it just so happens to be for sale. Nestled amidst a meandering lane in Dolton, Devon, lies this charming cottage. With its enchanting long barrow design and picturesque thatched roof, this home whispers tales of yesteryears the moment you lay eyes on it. From its exposed timber beams, elegant wood paneling, and the original lime plaster, each part of the house tells a story of its own. And as if the main cottage wasn’t enough, outside lies an extensive garden where an annex, cocooned by ancient apple trees, offers a hidden and almost magical oasis.

Dolton, a quiet hamlet of North Devon, first graced the pages of the Domesday Book in 1086 as “Duueltone,” a name evoking pastoral tranquility frequented by gentle doves. Throughout the centuries, this village has retained its quaint allure, its beating heart centered around the picturesque St. Edmund’s Church. Dating back to the 1600s, this abode stands as a stalwart sentinel near the church, a testament to its enduring legacy as one of the village’s oldest dwellings. This home is truly like something out of “The Holiday.” What a dream!

Entryways New Collections

The Glam Pad is utterly smitten with history! And to further fuel this passion, Entryways has released an exciting collaboration with the esteemed Williamsburg Foundation. Inspired by the traditional motifs found in Colonial Williamsburg, the collection features an array of hand-stenciled doormats that are a true salute to architectural and pattern heritage.

Entryways has also proudly joined forces with the the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Revered as the globe’s foremost museum of applied arts, decorative arts, and design, with a permanent collection of a staggering 2.27 million objects, it reigns supreme as a beacon of culture and artisanship. Established in 1852, this prestigious establishment bears the esteemed namesake of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, a tribute to their enduring influence on the realms of creativity and innovation. This collaborative collection draws inspiration from the museum’s vast array of artifacts and textiles, intertwining heritage with contemporary design in a harmonious fashion.

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