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Parker Kennedy: Rising Stars of Design

Traditional Home magazine is on a talent hunt for new Rising Stars of Design, and my friends Lance Jackson and David Ecton from Parker Kennedy Living have been nominated! I have featured their work numerous times on this blog, and I could not be more thrilled for them! Now we need your help... if you love their style (and how could you not??) please visit this link to place your vote.  You may vote once per day now through March 14, so please vote early and often! Here are some recent highlights of their work along with additional information on the dynamic designing duo, as featured in Traditional Home...

Parker Kennedy for the 2016 Christopher Kennedy Compound Designer Showhouse in Palm Springs in the February-March issue of Traditional Home

We define our design style as preppy on the edge with a fresh approach to traditional. We achieve this by using classic design elements mixed with young colors, fresh patterns, lacquer finishes, and textures within our interiors work. There is nothing that we love more than mixing mid century and antique pieces together. With our projects, you can see that we use color with lacquer finishes in a way that doesn't become too silly.

Using color in the right way is crucial. We love classic traditional interiors, being located in Atlanta, and we always thrive to bring a current updated look/style to what your grandmother or mother might have had in their houses. Our interiors most always have a young fabric pattern that brings a traditional interior into today's market that is relatable. We are inspired by historic architecture, vintage furniture, fashion, and color that we see in nature. We love historic architecture and how it influences interior products and furnishings. The 60's, 70's, and even some of the 80's also inspires us.

One of our proudest accomplishments is having the courage to start our own interiors firm in our late 30's on the heels of a bad economy. After we were both extremely successful with former firms we jumped into Parker Kennedy Living and never looked back. We knew we wanted a change to show our point of view within our own style. Our proudest accomplishments with our clients are always getting another project or second/ third home from them, and they say just do it we love everything you do and trust you.

There is nothing like getting that phone call or email and knowing that I have made our clients so happy and pleased that they trust us to do more work for them without ever seeing a thing until they walk in after the project is complete. We are extremely proud and humble to have been featured in local and national interior design magazines so quickly after starting the design firm. It is rewarding to us to have been recognized by some of the top editors and publishers in the interiors world in such a short time.

Every holiday we give back to our community by doing community service during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. We do not take things for granted, and we always like to give back to families and people in need. There are so many ways as designers we can give back, and we do it as much as we can. We donate older pieces of furniture that we don't use from clients and projects to shelters here in Atlanta to help families who have been struck with a catastrophic life changing events like a fire that burned everything a family owned. We step in and try to rally together as many pieces we can from vendors like beds and basic furniture so the family can get back on their feet. For years, we host an eight-week series of weekend activities for our friends.

Every Saturday we find a new volunteer project, one weekend we may be taking kids horseback riding who have spine injuries and another weekend we maybe caring for infants who have been born with addictions. We learned that people want to help, they just do not know where to start.

Lance Jackson: Degree - BFA in interior design from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Savannah campus. Worked as an intern while in college for a well known high-end residential interior designer in historic Savannah. First job was working for SCAD's in-house design group working directly under the president of the college who controlled the interior design and look of the Savannah campus. Late 90's moved back to Atlanta and worked for a high-end well known interior designer in Buckhead while also doing product development for a high-end lamp & home accessory wholesale company. Early 2000's developed a highly successful interiors group for a large architectural firm for a 14 years which lead to starting Parker Kennedy Living with David Ecton.

David Ecton: An MBA Graduate from the University of Missouri in international trade. I took a turn in my career being the Director of Marketing for a Tech to being a founding Partner in Parker Kennedy with Lance Jackson.

Photos by Christina Wedge Photography. You can see more of my posts on Parker Kennedy Living here, here, and here. And please vote for David and Lance to become Traditional Home's Rising Stars of Design here... You can vote once per day now through March 14! 


  1. Nice! They have nice touch when it comes to interior designs.

  2. Masters of color and style, love their design aesthetic!

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