Friday, March 4, 2016

A Tres Chic 1940s Texas Time Capsule

We have lived in Florida for over four years now, but I still miss my home state of Texas. So when one of my longtime readers sent me this incredibly elegant 1940s home for sale in Tyler, Texas - known as The Rose Capital of the World - I immediately fell in love. The lady of the home clearly had exquisite taste, and it goes to show that classic, traditional decor never goes out of style. Even the kitchen, which appears to have been updated in the 1960s, remains incredibly chic! There is very little I would change about this beautiful home with its incredible architectural detail. Sadly, this treasure is already under contract, otherwise, I think we'd be moving tomorrow!

Thank you, Heather, for sharing the listing!! Located in Tyler's historic Azalea District and built in 1947, this home features 5,135 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms on almost one acre. I dream of buying a home just like this one day in such perfectly preserved and untouched condition. I would even want to keep the furnishings! What would you do to update?


  1. Wow I would be on the phone to make a backup offer if I were you love this house
    Showed to my husband we both love it
    Kris in Seattle

  2. Really lovely. There should be a lot more houses like this. Let's hope the new owners don't make a vapid, bleached out, greiged to death mess of it.

  3. Change tub/shower upstairs
    Replace green stair carpet.

    That. Is. It.

    The kitchen. That kitchen has set my heart a flutter!!!

    I would want to buy entirely furnished. I would insist on the homeowner leaving every item - including magazines and personal notes from friends and family (strangers to me but that's okay) and i would live there pretending this was my life! Who bought it? Ralph Lauren?

    1. Made a mistake. I would keep the green stair carpet. 😍

  4. Kitchen = new vent and countertops -- I could easily live with the rest, but boy oh boy, that is a lot of wallpaper . . . .

  5. Hi Andrea,
    My mother had a kitchen just like that!
    One of my mentors, Bob Waldron, was from Tyler, and he had Lady Bird Johnson as a client!

  6. Oh. My. Stars. Even the kitchen made me squee. I'd change very little! And Tyler is gorgeous, especially in the spring when the azaleas and tulip trees are blooming. I'd buy that house in a heartbeat. I miss east Texas.

  7. NO I am with YOU I would KEEP it all the same Hahaha I love it <3


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