Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mecox Defines Palm Beach Style

Each time I visit Palm Beach, one destination always on my list is Mecox. With spectacular one-of-a-kind antiques, unusual re-editions, and exclusive designs, Mecox features incredible treasures always beautifully displayed as if they are ready to be photographed for a magazine.

Founded in Southampton, New York in 1996, Mecox is currently celebrating its 20 year anniversary. In honor of this momentous occasion, I have invited Mecox Palm Beach to share some tips on how to create the quintessential Palm Beach look in your own home. I am delighted to have Mecox guest post today!

Defining Palm Beach Style, by Mecox Palm Beach 

It's an exciting time at Mecox: we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary! Founded on a picturesque Hamptons setting, Mecox soon evolved to other locales that were a natural extension of our Hamptons roots. In 2000, Mecox Palm Beach opened and has remained an integral part of the Mecox emporium family with a unique mix of the quintessential "Mecox look" blended with inherent Palm Beach chic! To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are having a 20% off sale through July 17th!  As we celebrate this milestone, we are reminded of the classic looks that make Palm Beach a city uniquely its own.

Faux Bamboo
Nothing transports you to a Palm Beach state of mind like vintage faux bamboo. It declares that the worldly South Florida destination has arrived in your design!

This Palm Beach staple can be modern or traditional. Mix it into your interiors however you see fit! A modern chair with its clean lines shows you can incorporate the look in a contemporary way (pictured above) or the classic, more traditional rattan we all love...

Tropical Decor
Palm Beach certainly is tropical, but not all tropical is decor is created equally. Add a touch of lush accents to your home to reflect the verdant environment, but in a much cooler way!

Whimsical Fabrics 
We re-upholster many vintage and new items to breathe new life into them - in our signature Mecox look, of course. Our new favorite are these popular benches we re-upholster in the Palm Leaf fabric. So Palm Beach chic!

Vintage Furniture and Accessories 
Vintage items enhance the Palm Beach look because Palm Beach is an iconic place with a unique history all it's own. Adding vintage pieces capture a sliver of that hay-day with all it's glamour and privilege! Also, vintage item add a unique charm to your home because no one else has them.

Bar Carts
Entertaining is a natural extension of beautiful, tropical design, and nothing enlivens a gathering more than a dapper bar cart! One of the vintage lucite variety is a standout at Mecox Palm Beach...

Slim Aarons
Nothing else captures the spirit of effortlessly chic outdoor entertaining more than the iconic imagery of Slim Aarons. It was said he photographed fabulous people doing fabulous things, and many works were set in famed Palm Beach!

Mecox Palm Beach takes it design cues from the beauty of its surroundings. Looking to the colors and patterns of nature as well as the distinctive architecture, it's easy to bring the splendor of the Palm Beach style to your interior design.

Click here to read about the pets of Mecox!

Thank you Mecox for sharing these fun tips! Mecox operates eight emporiums throughout the United States, and the 20% off sale continues now through July 17. Please visit Mecox for additional details, and here for Mecox Palm Beach.


  1. great POST!
    Always love the look-

  2. Gorgeous and they so embody that elegant and timeless Palm Beach look:)


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