Monday, October 3, 2016

My Dallas Dream Home

This month marks the five year anniversary of our move to Florida, and to be honest... I'm still homesick for Texas. When we were in Dallas this spring for our son's Christening, I was able to take a tour of this 1936 Colonial located on Beverly Drive - one of the loveliest streets in Dallas. It has always been my favorite, and it just happens to be for sale! This elegant home truly represents Old Dallas at its finest...

An elegant entry sets the tone for this historic home... 

 Pink living rooms are my favorite! 

The music room could also be used as a sun room or office. 

The dining room may very well be the perfect shade of blue, and note the Chinoiserie figurines on the wall which perfectly match the tassel-trimmed chintz drapes. 

I adore the antique English Staffordshire collection in this charming original built-in cabinet. 

The generous kitchen opens to the family room. It would be beautiful with white cabinets and marble countertops.

My husband and son would love the rich paneling in the family room, which was repurposed from 150 year old fir timbers. 

Masculine, rustic, yet elegant design in the family room/game room.

Texas style, y'all. 

I spy chintz and needlepoint pillows in the master bedroom...

I could pack my toothbrush and just move right in! 

This bedroom reminds me of a Ralph Lauren ad. I'm taking notes for when the time comes to design my son's big boy room. 

A large backyard for the Park Cities and a beautiful pool. 


It just doesn't get any more perfect than this! Image via Douglas Newby. 

This historically significant home, built in 1936 by Everett Welch, is my absolute dream. At approximately 5,000 square feet, it is the perfect size, exuding tasteful elegance and class. And the interior design reminds me of the work of Dallas-based Cathy Kincaid, one of my favorite interior designers. Traditional and timeless, elegant yet cozy. True southern charm. 

While it is currently unfurnished and the walls have all been painted white, I wanted to share these prior real estate listing images in order to truly capture this home's potential. One thing I do not miss about Dallas is the ever increasing number of tear downs in the city's most beautiful neighborhoods.  I'm praying this exquisite home does not meet its fate with a wrecking ball to make room for yet another soulless McMansion. Click here to view the listing and additional pictures, and here to see a gorgeous virtual tour of the furnished home.  This home is priced below lot value, so there is plenty of room for renovations! Please contact Melinda McCutchan for additional information. 


  1. Andrea,
    We share a love of Colonial and Greek Revival houses...At 80 years old it could be, sadly, torn down, assuming no protections are in place through a preservation society or such-
    It has tons of potential, but I saw on the listing where the taxes are pretty high- some of my Atlanta relatives had to sell their Buckhead homes for that very reason. Plus the maintenance on an older home is dreadful, it never ends!
    Why not build (with a good architect, such as John Tackett, a NEW one that just LOOKS old ? Check out John's site called The Devoted Classicist. If you decide to stay in the Sunshine State, maybe an older home could be saved and remodeled. Love the one that William (Bill) Eubanks did in West Palm Beach...
    As for the décor, it's a blank slate! Also I wanted to mention that it was an odd coincidence that we both posted about older homes today with more conservative decorating styles. Not trendy, and not totally editorial. Thanks for a great post, love these real estate features!

  2. I remember this house. No reason to tear down this lovely home. And what happened to it before the listing is characteristic of the dumbed down ideas of design currently in effect. Just paint it all hospital white and surgically remove all charm. Many people will love it, because they no longer have any individuality and know nothing about design and what makes a home warm. The former owners had wonderful taste. Classic style never goes extinct. The dining room is beautiful. Love the pool area, too.

  3. As a native Texan, I know exactly what you mean. I'm in Houston, but Dallas is my 2nd home, and both cities have so many beautiful and architecturally significant residential properties...we need to cherish them all. sending love......

  4. Sad to say that the same thing is happening in Austin. Beautiful homes are scraped and glass boxes constructed in their place, or worse "cardboard" boxes. I'm stunned at how many structures appear to be made using inexpensive building materials. Can't see many of these lasting for decades much less centuries. It's a shame.
    This home is lovely. I know exactly where Beverly Drive is.

  5. agree- this is southern charm at its loveliest.

  6. Oh, it's beautiful Andrea😍😍 The same thing is happening here in Brisbane! I think the cardboard boxes is a very apt description . And Ike the boxed furniture falls apart, so surely will the houses. Sad isn't it xx


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