Confessions of a Serial Home Restorer

The Glam Pad supports historic preservation, and while we bemoan the number beautiful homes demolished, we are starting to see signs indicating this trend might be turning! Enter Jamie Singer, founder of Crown Control Homes. We featured a beautiful 1920s home she restored and sold back in January, and it received so much interest we wanted to take a closer look at her work…

Located in Dallas, Jamie is on a mission to save as many historic homes as she can, particularly in the Park Cities area. Jamie also keeps an eye out for more recent builds with good, classic bones that need refreshing. “It is a joy of mine, because it combines many of the things I am passionate about – history, mixing old and new, design elements and architectural design,” she said.

We are delighted to have Jamie join us today to share her secrets and insight into how she goes about bringing new life to these architectural treasures. Welcome Jamie!

Q:  Please tell me about your company, Crown Control… How did it come about – the idea, the name, your vision, etc. – and what are your specialties?

A:  I have always loved to find ways to combine my love of architecture and art history together. What started off as a hobby restoring my own house has grown into a full-time business, Crown Control.  I have always loved designing and decorating my houses and I am lucky that my passion has become my full-time job. The name was inspired from my collection of antique crowns, my love for royal history and the first initials of my mother and father, Craig & Carol. My vision is to give life back to significantly older homes while keeping the integrity and character of these well-crafted homes. Although I love historic homes, I also enjoy bringing life, color and character into newer homes.

Q:  You were able to transform your last home in a mere three months. Please tell me about your process.

A:  The length of each project is different depending on the condition of the home  and updates that need to be made. I think living in the house enables me to get a feel for the home, which in some circumstances, leads to repurposing rooms. It also gives me a unique perspective that enables me to add detail and attention to items that would enhance the house.

A 1920s home on Highland Park’s prestigious Beverly Drive restored and sold by Crown Control Homes earlier this year
Beverly Drive
Beverly Drive

Q:  What tips would you give to someone who is interested in restoring a historic home?

A:  It’s important to research the home you are interested in restoring. For example, are there any architectural or historically relevant details that should be maintained. I’ve often times found historical references to my homes that helps me to better understand the original owner’s inspiration for the home.  Restoring older homes isn’t always a quick process, so one tip would be to have lots of patience.

Q:  When did you become interested in design?

A:  I became interested in design from an early age. I have always been fascinated by antiques and the history behind them.  I remember moving to a new house as a child – all of my sisters picked out shiny new beds and I asked my parents for an antique one! I enjoy the love of the “hunt” and the significance of giving an older piece a new “life”.

A 1920s Tudor restored and sold by Crown Control Homes

Q:  Who are your favorite interior designers and architects (living or deceased)?

A:  I don’t have “favorites” but I have always enjoyed researching and being inspired by current as well as historical artists.  I get inspired by the home and the neighborhood and I really love the juxtaposition of old and new.

1920s Tudor before and after

Q:  Can you tell us about your next project?

A:  I have a few ideas brewing, but nothing concrete as of yet. I am always in the process of seeking out my next project.

Q:  Where do you see Crown Control in the next five years?

A:  In the next 5 years, I would like to continue bringing life back into these older homes. Right now, I can only manage one project at a time, but my vision would be to oversee a few projects concurrently.

Circa 2010s home refreshed by Crown Control Homes

Q:  When you aren’t busy restoring houses, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A:  In my free time, I really enjoy traveling and seeing the world! Some of my best home inspirations have come from history or art that I’ve seen abroad.  I am also passionate about children’s causes and have spent a lot of time volunteering with various local organizations. I also have a large family and enjoy spending as much time as I can with them.

Jamie Singer, founder of Crown Control Homes

Thank you, Jamie, for what you are doing for home preservation in Dallas, and thank you for joining us today! Such beautiful work!

To learn more, please visit @crowncontrolhomes on Instagram.

Photography by Costa Christ Media


  1. Your projects are so well done and I applaud your restoration of these beautiful homes and prevent them from and their history being lost. It is also so much better for the environment to restore instead of building a new house and demolishing these gorgeous homes.
    The interiors are exquisite and fit the homes so well.


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