LISTED: An Exquisitely Renovated 1920s Highland Park/Dallas Home

Dallas is currently one of the fastest-growing cities in America, and inevitably with rapid growth comes change. Last year we saw some of the most beautiful historic homes demolished in the celebrated neighborhood of Highland Park…. an unfortunate pattern Jamie Singer of Crown Control Homes is working to reverse.

“I’m trying to save as many historic homes as I can because a classic, well-constructed house never goes out of style,” Jamie told CandysDirt, a local online real estate publication. “I try to keep the original charm and integrity as much as possible and update the interior to make it visually current.”

Her latest rescue is a 1927 Italian Revival designed by the illustrious architectural firm of Fooshee & Cheek, and located on Beverly Drive. She purchased the home in a private sale after learning the former owner was ready to downsize, but was not willing to sell to a buyer who would tear it down.

Through Crown Control Homes, Jamie has assembled a renovation dream team, and within just three months she had the 3,958-square-foot home updated with every luxury and modern amenity imaginable. Great care was given to retain historic charm, as Jamie kept original details in tact such as door handles, pecky cypress paneling, moldings, leaded glass windows, and railings.

Let’s take a virtual tour through the video below, photography by Costa Christ Media, and historic images.

Historic Images of 4209 Beverly Drive

The neighborhood has been so supportive of Jamie and her efforts. She has been delighted to make friends with many of the past owners who stop by to see the updates and share stories. The following images were provided by Susan Bullock, who’s now husband picked her up from this house on their first date… They now have grandchildren and still live in Highland Park.

Unsurprisingly, there have been nonstop showings of this breathtakingly beautiful and charming home since it went on the market last week! We are thrilled it will continue to grace the neighborhood, hopefully for another century to come.

Jamie also happens to be an old college friend of mine, and ever since I have known her she has been passionately dedicated to giving back to the Dallas community. Her latest endeavor through Crown Control Homes is a tremendous gift indeed! Stay tuned as The Glam Pad will be featuring Jamie in an upcoming Style Profile Q&A where we will peek inside more of her expertly renovated historic homes and learn the secrets of her process!

For additional information, please contact Teffy Jacobs with Allie Beth Allman & Associates. 4209 Beverly Drive is offered at $4.495 million.


  1. I am sooooooooo glad that this gorgeous home was saved from demolition! Who could even think of destroying that fabulous front entry and the beautiful paneling inside?

  2. I love seeing the home of Highland Park, and how special to have the old photos too! What a great inside update and I’m always thankful for people who believe in saving the well built, historic homes of beauty.

  3. Thanks Jamie Singer for saving another well built home. I wished people were not all about money so these homes could be saved. There’s money being made to destroy and rebuild!! The quality of wood today and construction is not as good as these old homes. This is like trashing quality built furniture for cheap manufactured furniture of today!!!????

  4. You just know the next owner is not going to be qualified to keep up the appearance either inside or outside. Marvelous. Thanks for the pictures. Ann

  5. Jamie Singer, thank you for saving a lovely old home and updating it with style and grace. Lovely! Please keep going. There are many more out there saying, “Make me beautiful again!”


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