Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Classic Design with Holly Holden

Designer Holly Holden founded her company Holly Holden & Company, Ltd. in 1989 on the premise that classic interior design transcends trends. In her first book, The Pretty and Proper Living Room, Holly cracks the code and spells out the secret language of old-school interior design. Her style is about decorating once... for a lifetime, and she is dedicated to teaching others how to create timeless, tailored interiors rooted firmly in English tradition.

Last year, Holly expanded her mission to YouTube, creating Classic Design Channel. Here, she takes us inside her glamorous world, exposing us to her tips and sources, touring grand homes, and introducing us to other experts to share exactly what it takes to create a classic interior that is timeless, just like a string of fine pearls. Highlights of Classic Design Channel include a visit to Highclere Castle in England (where Downton Abbey was filmed), a luncheon she hosted at her historic Connecticut home for Lady Carnarvon, and advice from Scully and Scully on how to create the perfect bridal registry. She also shares tips on how to shop at auctions, perfectly polish your brass, keep artwork level, collect and display Herend porcelain, write the perfect thank you note, and she even divulges her secret recipe for Southern Cheese Crispies.

Through Classic Design Channel, interior designer, author, and television host Holly Holden shares her ideas and advice on classic design, timeless interiors and understated elegance.

Here, Holly explains how to write the perfect thank you note along with tips on what classic stationery and pens to use. 

Click here for Holly's delicious Southern Cheese Crispies recipe.

Holly advises on how to collect and display Herend porcelain here

Learn the secret to perfectly polishing your brass here

Here, Holly takes us to Scully & Scully in New York City for tips on creating the perfect place setting for your wedding registry... or your next dinner party! 

Halloween decor doesn't have to be ghoulish and scary... Holly explains how to create a lovely and understated look instead. 

Holly shares her preparations for a luncheon honoring Lady Carnarvon. 

A glimpse into Holly's elegant living room. 

And if you are wondering how to use a YouTube channel (I didn't know either!), click here and Holly will explain! 

An introduction to Classic Design Channel can be viewed here.

Holly relishes sharing her knowledge and loves to impart her passion for well-appointed style and elegance. Please visit Classic Design Channel for more... not only are her tips fabulous and fun, but I also love getting inside glimpses into her gorgeous home, Fox Hall, built in 1803. Stay tuned for Holly's next video, which will offer tips on how to shop at auctions (you can also check out pages 356-361 of Holly's book for her Auction Primer.) And if you don't already own her book, The Pretty and Proper Living Room (which I reviewed here), I cannot recommend it more highly. It is available for purchase through and Amazon.


  1. I love The Classic Design Channel! Holly's videos are informative, fun, and classically elegant just like her. I adore Holly!

  2. As the late, great, eminence grise himself (Stanley Barrows)had said to us novice decorating and design students, if you want to be a decorator or designer you must not be shy, you must let EVERYONE know! AND he said that design is 99 per cent perspiration and 1 per cent inspiration! He also emphasized extreme confidence. What a great inspiration to us all he was!
    PS I love Holly and her happy and classic point of view.

  3. So I watched the first clip on You Tube that popped up. It featured Holly and beautiful daughter Alexandra at a watercress farm in the UK. They are adorable together! I enjoyed watching. Thanks for the great feature Andrea. Xo

  4. Love her channel. And LOVE that pink suit! I spend way too much time on YouTube, but it makes me happy, and her channel is a great addition. Quintessence is another great one - the design channel, not the musical group. Anyway, thank you, Holly, for your inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  5. I want to subscribe but the link won't let me- I just loved the videos.

    1. Hi Jan,

      Hmmm... Did you click on this link? Let me know!

      Thank you,
      The Glam Pad

  6. I tried that link and I get the same response- "oops something's wrong". I even went to the search bar and found the link for her channel. I can access the videos but for some reason I can't subscribe. I have tried all the links in the video and the YouTube search bar to subscribe. I'll try to just remember to check back from time to time for new ones. Thank you for your help. You are one of my favorite bloggers!

  7. Oh Thank you ..... I just love her channel and have subscribed !!!

  8. I absolutely can NOT get enough of this book. It was gifted to me through a friend of Mrs. Holden, and I have relished every, single page of it.


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