A Slim Aarons Inspired Photo Shoot By Jules Reid

Last week Jules Reid launched her new Ikat Travel Collection, featuring fashion icon and blogger, Teggy French as her muse and model. Jules and Teggy traveled to their most favorite spot and mine – Palm Beach – to channel their mutual love of chic 60’s style, and the resulting images look like they are straight from the portfolio of Slim Aarons!

The quality of Jules Reid clothing is positively exquisite, and her elegant yet whimsical designs are based on classic styles that stand the test of time. These are pieces that are made to be part of your closet for years. The Ikat Travel Collection, inspired by Jules’ love of travel, is made completely of authentic Ikat fabrics, handmade in Uzbekistan exclusively for Jules Reid.

Teggy wears the Beatle dress belted at the waist with a vintage Gucci belt and gold high heels. This dress can be worn in many ways… as a short dress, with pants or jeans, tied with a low belt, or casually with flats. The Beatle dress comes in four authentic, original JR Ikat fabrics.  It’s a feminine 60’s vibe that transitions to many a venue!
Teggy wears the Beatle dress with the Emerald Green Julia Beaded Tassel and a vintage Pierre Cardin necklace from the Jules Reid Vintage Jewelry Collection.
Teggy wears the Beatle dress with the Black Palm Beach Tassel. Handmade in Uzbekistan by artisans, this fabric comes in only 15 inch widths making each piece a work of art as the panels are carefully sewn together to make each style.
Teggy wears the Beatle dress with the Jules Reid snow white Stolero Fur and a vintage 1970’s necklace from the Jules Reid Vintage Jewelry Collection. Long sleeves with a slight flare at the wrist, a four inch V Neck, and a folded, sewn cuff at the hem… this dress is a beauty that will fit all body types.
The Beatle dress looks tres chic with JR Wyatt pants in Green Eyes. Vintage necklace from Jules’ personal collection.
The Montauk top style was first featured in Town & Country magazine in the summer of 2012. Teggy wears it with Wyatt pants in Indian Blue Ikat and a pink Palm Beach tassel, and again below, with flared white jeans.
Side hidden zipper allows the top to easily slip over your head. A thin border of white silk outlines the neck, arm holes and the bottom of the blouse. Easy to wear and pair with dozens of looks.
Teggy wears the Montauk in White and Black Zigzag Ikat with the White Buddha Tassel necklace. Suede pants from Zara, vintage white Chanel clutch, and a pink metallic headscarf complete the look.
Teggy wears the Montauk in Pink Spikey Ikat with her own bell bottom jeans and white turban. The Eugenie Lucite Necklace is available in Jules’ Signature Jewelry collection.
Teggy wears Wyatt pants in Green Eyes with a white JR blouse and the Julia Beaded Tassel necklace in Emerald Green.
Teggys wears Wyatt pants in Purple Spikey with the Lavender Palm Beach Tassel wrapped as a choker around her neck and her own white top. The book, Barbie’s New York Summer, embodies the JR world. What a vintage find!

The word “ikat” (pronounced “ee-KAHT”) comes from the Malaysian word “mengikat,” or “to tie,” because the loose threads are tied into bundles using grasses or wax-treated cotton to specify where the dye is able to sink in and color the thread. Within the cultures that produce them, Ikats are status symbols because of the skill and time their production requires. Authentic hand made, hand dyed Ikat fabric is truly a work of art.

It has been several years since Ikat was offered in the Jules Reid collection… the collection sold out quickly and clients have been asking for it since. Click here to shop the new Ikat Travel Collection, and if you are a fan of vintage jewelry, the the Jules Reid Vintage Jewelry Collection is not to be missed!

“I must say, when you purchase a Jules Reid piece, you are not just buying an item of clothing, you are investing in a lifestyle – a lifestyle that not only has the capability to take you anywhere in the world, but also make you feel just as fabulous when you are in the comfort of your hometown.”
    ~Teggy French

Read more about Jules Reid and Teggy French – and get a sneak peek into their glamorous homes – here and here!



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