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Fellow Texan Lisa Henderson is an incredibly talented interior designer based in Dallas who, thanks to Instagram, has quickly become one of my favorites. Prior to founding Lisa Henderson Interiors in 2010, Lisa worked for the renowned designer Cathy Kincaid (another one of my favorites!) where she says she earned her “Ph.D. in design.” Known for her fresh approach to traditional style and her attention to detail, Lisa creates homes for her clients that are reflections of their lifestyle. She combines her love of travel, antiques, and art to create classically comfortable interiors that offer escape, serenity, and beauty. I am thrilled to welcome Lisa to The Glam Pad today. Let’s take a look at her gorgeous portfolio and get to know more about her through our recent interview…

Q:  What inspired you to become an interior designer?

A:  I think I would say initially it all started with an interest and love of antiques. I love history. Learning about the past lives and uses of antiques, porcelains, etc was very intriguing to me.

Q:  How do you describe your style?

A:  I would say that my style is traditional but fresh (at least that’s what I hope people would think!) I like a mix of both new and old but not too much of either. I like a layered look that is acquired over time and not “done in a day.”

Q:  How did working for Cathy Kincaid influence your aesthetic? What was the best piece of advice she gave you?

A:  I say that I received my degree, masters, and doctorate from Cathy. She taught me so much about attention to detail and the extreme importance of it. She is also a very hard worker with a strong work ethic. Whenever there are 15 minutes left in the workday and I think I will put something off until tomorrow, I remind myself that Cathy would have taken care of it today!

Q:  I love traditional design because it is truly timeless. How do you keep it fresh for today? And how do you create a room that will not appear dated in five years?

A:  If you can always be working on your interiors, even in small ways, it will feel up to date. When a room looks dated it is not just because the fabrics are worn, it is because you can tell nothing has been changed at all in however many years. Doing things like collecting from your travels, adding flowers, rearranging a space using the same items— or items from the room next door— will keep your spaces up to date. And when you buy quality pieces, you’re not constantly having to replace them. You might need to reupholster your sofa but you do no necessarily need to go out and buy all new again.

Q:  I adore your signature serene color palette and style. How did you develop this classic look?

A:  I would say that like many things my look and style has evolved with time. I am always trying to learn from designers of the past and present, pay attention to the paint colors in a museum, examine the different shades of blue in a piece of porcelain, learn about new products and techniques. I would say all of these different aspects (and more) combine to make my style what it is today.

Q:  Where do you find inspiration?

A:  I love to learn and to be cultured. I love to travel and want to take in everything I can wherever I am. I especially love to go to France and am also part of a French Cookbook Club in Dallas. And honestly Instagram has been such a source of inspiration! It’s like traveling all of the houses of the world in the palm of your hand.

Q:  Do you feel traditional decor is experiencing a resurgence?

A:  I think comfortable homes are experiencing a resurgence and so maybe in turn that means traditional— although I would like to think traditional never went out of style!

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Q: Who are your favorite interior designers, and do you have any favorite design books?

A:  I love all of the old greats— Nancy Lancaster, Billy Baldwin, Albert Hadley, Sister Parish and of course today’s greats like Bunny Williams, Michael Smith, and Cathy of course. Design books are my complete weakness! I love to read about previous designer’s lives and how they ran their businesses. It really is hard to choose favorites but two I have always loved are Vogue Living, both the 2007 version and the 1968 version.

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Q:  Do you have any favorite go-to fabrics, paint color, linens, etc.?

A:  I love prints and am always pulling from Sister Parish, Lisa Fine, Carolina Irving, Quadrille, Penny Morrison, Martyn Lawrence, Peter Dunham— just to name a few! Leontine Linens are my favorite for bedding (the options are endless!) and Farrow and Ball are my favorite paints.

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Q:  When you aren’t busy decorating, how do you enjoy spending your time?

A:  I love to cook and entertain. Whether its my kids’ birthday parties or my brother-in-law’s rehearsal dinner in our backyard. The details of a party are like a game to me— I love going over (and over and over) the menus, serving pieces, linens, flow of the party, furniture arrangement, and most importantly—where is the bar?

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Q:  Any design advice you would like to share?

A:  You can’t take your interiors too seriously. If you over analyze something or pick it apart you 1) won’t get anything accomplished and 2) it will look stiff. It can be really hard for people to relinquish control but the ones who do end up with the best outcomes. And its ok to have fun!!

Lisa’s rooms are all so soft and serene… timelessly classic, and so very, very pretty. And I certainly need to take cooking lessons from this Francophile. A French Cookbook Club sound fabulous! Maybe we can talk Lisa into coming back to share her entertaining and cooking tips. 🙂 To learn more, please visit Lisa Henderson Interiors, and follow Lisa on Instagram.  I am completely enamored with her style!

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing with us today!


  1. Thanks for posting this designer and her work. Some of these images reminded me of old photos of Jackie Kennedy at the Kennedy compound or of more recent Bunny Mellon's estate in VA. The mix of patterns are both sophisticated and out of character for current trends which is what I think make these traditional interiors so intriguing and definitively inviting.


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