Christmas with Victoria

Ever since I was 12 years old, I have been in love with Victoria magazine.  Each and every beautiful issue was savored and read over and over again during those pre-Internet days. At one point, I had collected every single issue going back to 1987, the year of the magazine’s inception. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of most of them during our last move, but I was able to find The Complete Collection from 1987-2012 on disk via Amazon which I cherish and highly recommend! The timelessness of this magazine is remarkable. I was skimming through issues from 1992 the other day, and virtually each and every image appeared as if it could be from today. Such is the beauty of classic, elegant design.  Naturally, @victoriamagazine is one of my very favorite follows on Instagram, and I have collected some of their most beautiful Christmas inspiration to share today. All images are via @victoriamagazine.

Bernardaud Grenadiers holiday plates are always a favorite.

A beautiful Royal Copenhagen teacup!

(image via online magazine)

To subscribe to Victoria magazine, please click here.  The Complete Collection from 1987-2012 is available via Amazon, and for daily inspiration, you will want to follow @victoriamagazine via Instagram.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  1. I’ve also been a huge Victoria fan since the magazine’s inception. I had every issue, threw them away, and then rebought them on ebay over time. I was so happy when they came back into print after a hiatus. Their Christmas issues are the best. It would not feel like the holidays without them. Love your photo selection!

  2. I was a new mama in 1987, living in San Antonio, and remember when Victoria first came out. I too was enchanted, and Victoria helped shaped my tastes. Thank you for this lovely review of some of their best Chriatmas decoration. Love it!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Thank you. I had all the issues also then I moved. I miss placed the one I really wanted. It had an embroidered ring pillow. I wanted to make one when my granddaughter got married. If you have any idea what magazine issue it was in could you let me know so I could order one. Thank you and loves your site

    • Hi Barbara,

      You might try searching the disk of archived issues… You can search by key word! I hope that helps.

      All the best,
      The Glam Pad

  4. I am going through my old Victoria Magazines at the moment in an effort to declutter. After reading these comments I am having second thoughts. I agree the interior designs are timeless. The clothing ads however are another matter. The Leslie Fay one’s in particular. I do miss those lovely McClintock dresses though and still have several .

  5. I just came across your post on Pinterest. I am the Editorial Stylist for Victoria magazine. This made me smile and warmed my heart that you shared our images we work so hard to make picture perfect! We all have those days when we wonder if anything we do with our work inspires others and I am so happy to see in these comments and your article that they truly DO inspire! So many images from homes I’ve been fortunate to style and shoot, some of these even in my own home- and even the Grenadiers shot – this is my Christmas China pattern that was all a wedding gift from my husbands Grandmother! You have truly made my day! Thanks for being a fan and so loyal to Victoria!

  6. Ahhh…Victoria. I still remember the cover of the first issue, and I immediately bought it–for years, it turns out. I too had them all, and got rid of them when we downsized, but I too have the discs! Their style is so lovely, and refined, and feminine. We have the Lenox Holiday china, which they often use in their Christmas issues, and those I at least save the pages. Thank you for bringing back such lovely memories.


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