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Anne Wagoner’s love for interior design began at an early age. While growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina, she was introduced to fine antique furniture and accessories at her grandmother’s landmark shop, Carlson Antiques & Gifts. Anne assisted her grandmother on several buying trips to Europe, where she cultivated her passion for design. She fell in love with the concept of using antiques, art and accessories to create homes that reflect the heritage and lifestyle of its owners.

Since establishing Anne Wagoner Interiors in 2010, Anne has realized her dream of transforming houses into beautiful homes. Often known for addressing the “bones” of each space first, Anne believes the most essential element to any space is a classic foundation.  The result is a home that will stand the test of time. Today, I am delighted to welcome Anne to The Glam Pad for a Q&A!

Q:  How do you define your style, and how has it evolved over the years?

A:  My style is rooted in timeless foundations and architectural elements. I reconcile this with furnishings that are equally classic but also thought-provoking and unexpected. My style has evolved over the years in two ways. Growing up, I was often surrounded by formal spaces. These days, I’ve found that almost all of my clients begin the design process with a desire for elegant yet approachable and inviting spaces. Times have changed and there is a strong desire for livable rooms, above all else. So I am constantly balancing practicality with my innate love of formal aesthetics. My passion for antiques has also evolved. I grew up with (“brown”) English antiques, either mahogany, walnut, oak or pine. As my style has developed over the years, I have discovered a passion for French antiques as well as painted and gilded finishes. I also love to incorporate Italian and Biedermeier pieces wherever I can.

Q:  How did growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina influence your design aesthetic?

A:  Growing up in Greensboro was the single most defining influence of my career. I spent time as a child worshiping my grandmother, who owned and operated a high-end, landmark antique shop. I accompanied her on buying trips to England, where I fell in love with antiques and the industry as a whole. In addition to this, my grandmother was fortunate enough to have vacation homes, i.e. canvases for her passion, which were individually inspiring. She enlisted the help of Virginia and Otto Zenke, Greensboro-based designers. Spending time in her homes exposed me to classic design elements I still use today; center-mounted hardware, strong architectural bones, dressmaker details, jib doors, decorative painting, fine textiles and most importantly, the calming effect of a well-appointed home.

Q:  You recently sold your home the first week it went on the market, wow! What is your secret? And what are your plans for your next home?

A:  It’s interesting because this happened with the sale of our last house as well. I’m either lucky or my approach to home buying/selling has paid off. First and foremost, maximize the potential of your home while you live there. Update your kitchen and bathrooms, upgrade or restore moldings and architectural elements (remove dated built-ins) and increase curb appeal. Buy homes with “potential” and make them special over time. My second piece of advice is to de-personalize your home for staging. Your goal is for the buyer to emotionally connect with the house. To do this, remove all personal photos, artwork, or décor that is specific to your family. Stage with utilitarianism in mind so you appeal to the most amount of people. You want to encourage the potential buyer to envision their family in that home, not yours. I’ll certainly be using this philosophy with our next house, which I’ll be sharing with everyone soon!

Q:  What are five classic design elements every home needs?

A:  Window treatments (the most transformative design element), at least one antique in every room, beautiful artwork, strong architectural bones and fresh flowers.

Q:  Please tell me more about your passion for antiques, and how do you like to use them in your designs?

A:  No matter how modern the space, every room should have something old. Antiques have a story, a
history, a soul. It’s an energy thing you can’t put into words. Antiques layer beautifully to create a design that feels sophisticated. I love mixing antique periods and finishes for an established feel.

Q:  Are there any other signature elements you like to incorporate within your interiors?

A:  My goal with every design is to create a layered, curated home. Many clients comment that they were drawn to me as a designer because they want their house to feel collected over time and not installed in one day. I put a lot of thought into my designs and don’t believe in ordering everything from a catalogue or “pointing and clicking” my way to a finished space. We source pieces from all over the world and have established relationships with the best workrooms and artisans in the area. I’m constantly challenging myself to think outside the box and ask my team on a regular basis, “What makes this special?”

Q:  What designers – past and present – inspire you?

A:  Elsie de Wolfe, Sister Parish, Stephen Sills, Lorenzo Castillo, Daryl Carter, Jackye Lanham

Q:  What are your favorite movie houses?

A:  It’s Complicated and Father of the Bride

Q:  When you aren’t busy decorating, how do you enjoy spending your free time?

A:  Spending time with family and friends, traveling, playing golf, cooking, laughing and antiquing.

Q:  What does the future hold for Anne Wagoner Interiors?

A:  We have some exciting news coming up (hint: it has to do with my new house) but I’m not sharing it quite yet, so stay tuned. We’re also about to launch a hostess gift line that has already become very popular with our current clients. We’re perfecting the website as we speak so everyone can shop these gifts as well as our line of candles, which have now sold out twice!

Such an exquisite and timeless portfolio… Thank you, Anne, for joining us today! To learn more, please visit Anne Wagoner Interiors  and follow @annewagonerinteriors on Instagram for ongoing inspiration.



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