James Farmer Revives a Historic Alabama Home

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane in the midst of this terrible pandemic. In times like these, I take such refuge in beautiful interiors, whether poring through old design books, or fluffing my own nest. Today we will take a virtual tour of a stunning historic home in the sleepy town of Oak Bowery, Alabama decorated by James Farmer, one of my favorite interior designers.

Built in 1845, the McCurd home was remodeled around the turn of the century and had remained untouched until the current owners took possession in 2017.  Many authentic architectural details were still intact, but it lacked a functional kitchen, modern bathrooms, garage, and other modern conveniences. James worked with Atlanta-based architect Norman Askins to breathe new life into the beautiful old home, working diligently to maintain historical accuracy while infusing comfort and color.  “People often think of antebellum homes and envision serious, stodgy interiors,” James said. “While we Southerners do love our antiques, heirlooms, and other fineries, a little lightheartedness sure goes a long way.”

Photography by Emily Followill, originally published in Flower magazine, with additional images provided to The Glam Pad below… Enjoy!

“The best designs aren’t always born from what’s new or next but are often built on ideas we borrow from history,” the Grandmillenial designer told Flower magazine.  James was inspired by the climbing hydrangea wallpaper in Scarlett and Rhett Butler’s house from Gone with the Wind, and he used Quadrille’s version for the upstairs foyer.

This home is one of 10 that will be featured in James Farmer’s upcoming book, Arriving Home: A Gracious Southern Welcome (September 2020). You can pre-order your copy here. For additional information, please visit www.jamesfarmer.com, and check out his other books:

You can also follow him on Instagram via @jamestfarmer and @jamesfarmerinc. Additional articles by The Glam Pad are below.


  1. Super beautiful house with such wonderful interiors. But I see the floors must be uneven which causes some of the furniture not to stand level but I guess that is the price of owning an antique house.

  2. I have loved this home from the first picture I saw of it on his Instagram. It is a classic and I can’t wait for the new book. I am immersing myself in looking at decorating and stitching during the home stay. Thanks for sharing the pretty with us.

  3. Looking at beautiful traditional interiors is such a wonderful “upper”!! Your design blog is my absolute favorite. I always look forward to reading it. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Well this was just wonderful!! Thank you so much for continuing to give us something beautiful to look at during these difficult times. I too am working on my Needlepoint, the perfect hobby for home stay…

  5. Having a stressful day at work making procedural changes due to C-19. I needed a mini-break to see something pretty. Thank you for posting today, Love this house (except the guns)!

  6. This is so beautiful! thank-you for posting it! Do you have any information about the gorgeous blue willow chest of drawers? It’s a dream!

  7. Oh my! I have spent over an hour studying this house, and the magnificent rooms!( guess I Skipped over it somehow when you posted earlier, which is why
    I constantly am playing catch- up!)

    JamesFarmer is rising to the top of my favorites….his own living room is spectacular…but approachable and inviting…That same philosophy seemingly guided his design here-Gorgeous antiques, in a warm,even homey,setting!

    Thanks so much for your beautiful posts…giving beauty to our lives as shut ins in Dallas.Love them all!!

  8. Love whatever James Farmer puts his blessed hands on! I am so happy to see green! I know you all love the blue and white, but I lean towards the warmer colors…just me.


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