Patricia Altschul Launches Luxe Home Collection with HSN

By Luzanne Otte and Emily Selter

Patricia Altschul wearing a faux-fur, leopard-trimmed house wrap in rose available exclusively through her HSN Home Collection.  Image provided by HSN.


A design philosophy based on classical principles, infused with whimsical elements, and reflective of a joyous nature.  This the vibe emanating from the Patricia Altschul Home Collection with HSN.  When asked to describe the Collection, Patricia offers, “I would best describe my home décor collection as luxurious, expensive-looking, well-made, and unique, while also being accessible and affordable.” Altschul notes the import, now more than ever, of cultivating a luxurious, comfortable home environment in which to relax and rejuvenate, and hopes that her line lends itself to achieving those ends.

An  everlasting bloom as shown in the artificial olive tree is always welcome ($29.95). Image provided by HSN.


For decades, the sublime interiors of Patricia’s homes have been featured in shelter magazines and, more recently, the Isaac Jenkins Mikell House on Bravo’s Southern Charm.  Patricia’s always kind in responding to questions regarding followers’ objet du désir.  A sampling of replies to Instagram questions:  “Van Day Truex’s seed pod for Tiffany.  Mario [Buatta] let me get it only after he had one”… “A shell-form coal scuttle from the Estate of Nancy Lancaster”… “Doris Duke’s baby chair.”  Factoring in provenance, the objet tend to be one-of-a-kind and unattainable.  Over time, Patricia identified recurring themes presented in follower questions about design/style to be instructive in developing a Collection.  Armed with years of research, Patricia set out to create a high-end home collection with HSN that would provide an attainable means of emulating her design aesthetic.  The Collection’s price point is a decidedly accessible $29.95 to $350.00 – a small price to pay for the Altschul imprimatur!

Pug form salt and pepper shakers ($42.00).  The pugs evoke a set by iconic Dominick & Haff – not to mention Pat’s beloved pug, Chauncey! The pineapple pair are not to be missed.  Image provided by HSN.


Now curl up with your coziest throw – if you need one, keep scrolling for our pick – as we present a smattering of the choicest items from the Patricia Altschul Luxe Home Collection with HSN.

The faux-fur trimmed robe is available in 6 colors – black, blue, blush, eggshell, gray, orchid – with trim in either gray chinchilla or leopard ($59.95).  Patricia is wearing the orchid trimmed in gray chinchilla.  Image provided by HSN.


What’s Patricia favorite piece in the Collection?  The faux-fur trimmed robe.  Patricia traces the genesis of the stylish robe to a Roman holiday where she found a cashmere robe with real chinchilla that “cost thousands and thousands of dollars.” Patricia poses an apt question, “Who wants to spend that much on a robe?” and then furthers, “We don’t do real fur anymore.” One envisions Patricia standing on Via dei Condotti staring at the Bottega Veneta or Loro Piana storefront with wheels turning on how to create a fabulous version of her own.  “When I did this collection, I didn’t think at all about cost. That’s just the way  I am. I don’t think about it. And then when I saw how beautifully this [robe] is made and the fabulous fur, the detailing, and found out the price – I was in shock.”  At only $59.95, Patricia had good cause for shock.

Sartorially adjacent to the robe is the faux-fur house wrap, also available in gray chinchilla or leopard trimming. It is available in 5 colors: beige, black, deep blue, rose, wine ($59.95). Image provided by HSN.


The luxe faux-fur oversized throw (70″ x 50″) in gray chinchilla or leopard ($101.35).  Early prediction that this sells out.  Does the purchase include a ride in the Rolls-Royce?  Asking for a friend. Image provided by HSN.

The double-sided, faux-fur pillow pair (20″ x 20″) in gray chinchilla or leopard with removable cover for easy washing ($55.77).  Image provided by HSN.


America’s favorite butler, Michael Kelcourse, toasting to the pineapple beverage dispenser ($32).  Image provided by HSN.


This image features 3 items from the Collection. Visit HSN for a closer look at the pineapple ice bucket ($65), pineapple serving tray ($35), and mirrored bar cart ($350). Patricia also uses the bar cart for serving hors d’oeuvres on the piazza. The authors see its potential as a mobile vanity. Fun fact:  Nancy Lancaster gifted Albert Hadley a pineapple form ice bucket.  Image provided by HSN.


Luxe-leopard printed pillow 20″ x 20″ ($29.95) and matching luxe-printed oversized throw 70″ x 50″ ($45). Also available in  alligator, flamingo, and cocktail prints! Images provided by HSN.
Luxe cocktail hour pillow with Patricia’s infamous quip, “It’s Time for My Medicine,” ($29.95) is sure to be a hit among fans of Bravo’s Southern Charm! Image provided by HSN.


HSN Active Offers, October 2020

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  • $5 off purchase of $25+ for first time buyers with code: HSNFIVE
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  • Buy what you’d like through installment payments with 0% interest using FlexPay
  • Luxe faux-fur throw, trimmed robe, and house wrap are shipped in a gift box

Be sure to visit HSN to see the entire Patricia Altschul Collection.  To learn more about the woman behind the Collection, pick up a copy of her book, “The Art of Southern Charm”, and tune into Bravo’s Southern Charm, Season 7 premiering Thursday, October 29th at 9PM EST


Luzanne Otte is a graduate of Harvard, Notre Dame Law School, and USC.  She currently works at Barrister Executive Suites in Los Angeles.  Emily Selter graduated from Vassar and began her career at Town & Country magazine before getting her Masters degree in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. She currently works at Sotheby’s New York in the Old Master Paintings department.  You may find her on Instagram @EMSelter 


    • Hey, you can’t win them all!
      Since the HSN Patricia Altschul collaboration is trying something new in carving out a high-end niche within the world of home shopping, I appreciate your reaction as it’s not what we’d necessarily expect. It’s my hope that there are enough curious people who buy, discover the quality is superb (that’s an assumption awaiting confirmation), spread the word, and encourages more tastemakers partner with HSN to provide affordable, whimsical wares. I’d also love to see Patricia partner with a Mottahedeh-type brand to serve a different market.
      Have a lovely weekend

  1. The Grande Dame and home shopping, interesting combo I didn’t see coming! Just curious if all y’all seen the pieces in person or just going off what we’re seeing? I’ve bought on home shopping channels before and the quality’s pretty hit or miss. Any hands on feedback would go a long way esp on the furry blankets. Thanks!

    • Thanks!! I’ve ordered A TON from HSN & QVC thru the decades. The two best celeb lines IMHO are Joan Rivers & Kenneth Jay Lane (both QVC), I don’t know if I’m right but it seems like they’re given a pot of money for products. Aside from their contract what they don’t spend of the pot they get to keep. QVC has a range. They don’t care if the celeb puts $2 more into their own pocket or the product. Joan and Kenneth knew to pass the $2 onto the product for the customers. Quality speaks for itself and they got a following of people who knew to expect a high quality item not cheap crap. I’m a lady so I’m not going to even say which celeb lines have the cheap crap but you’ll find who in the chat rooms. I expect from what you’ve said Patricia’s the kind to put the $2 into her products instead of her pocket so I ordered some stuff to try. If it is cheap crap I’ll be back to tell you and if it’s quality I’ll be back to thank her. One thing some people might like to know is buy it now because HSN let’s you return things until the end of January this time of year to allow for Christmas gifts. I’m glad your magazine covered it because most of the ones I read never say a thing about QVC or HSN. Maybe some people look down on it but it says a lot you guys don’t. Thanks for that.

      • You’re too funny! I haven’t any insight into the contractual process to confirm or deny your theories. While I’ve not yet seen any of the products in person, my experience with Patricia assures me that she wouldn’t lend her name to a product that wasn’t of the highest possible quality available within the HSN offerings. When you receive your wares, I do hope you’ll confirm that to be true. All My Best, Luzanne

    • What we’ve seen is the same as what you’ve seen. As such, I cannot personally attest to quality at the moment. I did, however, order a few pieces yesterday and look forward to finding out!

      Prior to the launch, HSN and Patricia hosted a show-and-tell of the Collection. Among the anecdotes was that Patricia selected the highest quality fabrics/finishes available in the HSN space for the products. As they worked through the design and sample phases, they sent products back and forth until it met Patricia’s specifications. Not only did Patricia play a major role in designing/curating/editing the Collection, but she had final sign off on everything. Therefore, the quality will surely be HSN’s best.

      Earlier today, we had a WordPress quirk with the post and not sure if your other comment deleted. If you asked if the post was sponsored, the answer is “no”. Emily and I received no payment from any stakeholders, nor do we receive affiliate link money. We moonlight as writers for the pleasure it brings and Patricia’s one of our beats, if you will.

      Happy Friday!

      • Thanks a bunch for the info. I buy all the time on HSN & QVC. Joan Rivers and Kenneth Jay Lane are my favorites. I don’t know for sure but it seems like they’re given a choice about how much to put into their products. Either make them more quality or make themselves more moola. I can definitely tell. I think Patricia’s like Joan And Kenneth on quality so I ended up buying the olive tree and pug salt and pepper shakers.

        Thanks for posting about HSN. I flip through magazines and blogs dreaming about the stuff which I’d never afford. I’d like to buy from Bloomingdales some day like the rest of your readers but it’s not in the cards. It’s nice to know tastemakers aren’t snobs and looking down their nose at people in my shoes. I’m really excited!

        • What a sweet comment, Shelly! I’m glad you’re excited. In case you didn’t see, your olive tree was featured in
          House Beautiful

          All of the tastemakers in my address book have beloved decorations from any number of sources and appreciate the varying means of readers. While I don’t represent Andrea, Emily or Patricia, I suspect they’d all agree that it’s important to display pieces in your home that make you happy – be that happiness rooted in beauty, whimsy, nostalgia – irrespective of cost and label. Patricia has one of the largest collections of Christmas kitsch in the Western Hemisphere. Bloomingdale’s would never carry her light-up replica of Graceland replete with Elvis serenade, but I guarantee that gem makes her happier than the most expensive décor from Bloomingdales!

          Your comment about Kenneth Jay Lane’s line was news to me. It’s probably for the best because I absolutely loved everything KJL touched. Now I’m off to peruse the website. A hummingbird brooch may be en route…

  2. Such a wonderful, fun and fabulous collection!! I need the ?pineapple ice bucket and ?serving tray. Since I don’t have a Rolls Royce (#goals) for the leopard throw it will look lovely on my couch. Can’t wait to snuggle up with it this winter, while having a martini ? channeling all things Patricia Altschul.

    • We didn’t want to rename the ice bucket a champagne bucket/wine cooler without being able to first confirm for ourselves. It is, however, worth noting that the external diameter of the bucket is listed at 6.5″. Bombay Sapphire and Grey Goose bottle bases hover around 3″; Dom and Veuve at under 4″. Make what you will of this information, but the measurements strike me as wholly relevant to your vibe. Cheers, Queen!


    • My apologies, we had a technical glitch yesterday which caused this post to be sent out twice. I just ordered the leopard throw and pineapple ice bucket. I think this is such a fun collaboration for Patricia’s many admirers, including those who may not have champagne and caviar budgets. 

      The Glam Pad 

  3. Oh my gosh this is a riot! I’ve never shopped home shopping network before but I’m having a look now! Although I don’t know her I feel Patricia feels so blessed and enjoys her life so much that she wants to make some of her style luxuries available to us all – and I love that! And I love her entrepreneurial spirit as well!

    Luzanne, your writing is beautiful and sensational and most of all captures the graciousness of Patricia.
    Andrea, thank you for once again brightening my day!

    Xo Elizabeth

    • Thank you, Elizabeth darling – you nailed it!

      Patricia’s launch was my first time on a home shopping network, too. As someone who may, on occasion, spend too much on whimsical objet, I like the idea of being able to experiment with colorful elements without a major financial commitment. Plus, depending on how much you helped polishing silver growing up, you may see great merit in stainless steel and zinc alloy. Sure it’s apples and oranges. Both have their proper place in the home and it’s fun to mix it up. But I, for one, welcome any addition that doesn’t require constant care and maintenance [she types as her European relatives shudder]. There are only so many times a year I want to schlep around that 4 pound vat of Wright’s Silver Cream, you know?



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