New Collections, The Cotswolds, and Classical Reads

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This week we explore new collections, the Cotswolds, and classical reads for children.

I have been an ardent follower of Carly Kuhn, creator of The Cartorialist for many years. Her tongue-in-cheek drawing style combined with chic and relatable content stole my heart from on the onset. Starting in television, Kuhn accidentally found her way into a career as an artist. The Cartorialist has collaborated with brands and companies such as Prada, Dior, Capitol Records, Oscar De La Renta, and The American Ballet Theatre just to name a few. And the Glam Pad couldn’t be more excited about her whimsical new wallpaper collection and boutique!

The Cartorialist
The Cartorialist
The Cartorialist
The Cartorialist

Now, a year in the making Carly has debuted her latest venture, The Cartelier. The Cartelier is a boutique dedicated to the distinct artistic style of Carly Kuhn. But rather than living on a screen or a page her work now comes to life within the home with the launch of a wallpaper collection. Featuring parading peacocks, whimsical chairs, and spunky stripes, her debut collection is just the beginning of what is to come with The Cartelier.

Not only are the wallpaper prints charming conversation starters, but they encapsulate the very essence of Carly and her company. From the unique scrapbook-like images, mouth-watering Instagram feed, and even the enchanting text, the brand has a vintage quality that reminds The Glam Pad of our love for embracing the past. 

“Putting My Eyes On” was inspired by beauty advertisements from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.  This design can be applied more literally to the walls of one’s powder room, or if you’re looking for intrigue and mystery, perhaps one’s sitting room, just to remind one’s guests you have your eyes on them.
“Whimsy Chairs” wallpaper was inspired by her love of antiques, specifically the chair that seems to inhabit a personality all on its very own… “Little hand written descriptions of each chair adorn the pattern, along with a crossed out line or two, as if I came and drew directly on the wall. Perfect for your sitting room, cheeky vestibule ( yes, a vestibule can be cheeky), or the pretentious library one wants to show off to their houseguests. Fun tidbit, my signature is hidden in most designs as a little nod to my fellow New Yorker Al Hirschfeld and his ‘Nina’s,'” said Carly.

If you are not in the wallpaper market, you can still own a part of The Cartorialist by purchasing a framed print!

From one collection to the next, Rubelli, the treasured Venice based fabric house, has released its latest collaboration with non-other than English artist and designer, Luke Edward Hall. Marrying the world of classical Venezia and the whimsical artistry of Hall, the collection boasts a careful balance of tradition and play. Each print has an ironic quality that genuinely works in an array of environments. I am already feening to get my hands on some yardage.

If you are not familiar with the work of Luke Edward Hall, take a gander at his impeccably eclectic countryside cottage in the magical Cotswolds of England. Its artistic forays of Hall are endless. Not only is he a successful artist, but Hall has also given his golden touch to interiors around the globe, published two books with another title on the way, has had numerous product lines with the likes of Ginori and The Rug Company, and is a regular columnist for The Financial Times, all at a mere thirty-three years old. Phew!

Take a closer peek at his charming home through Living with Style!

Shop some of our Luke Edward Hall favorites!

In book worm news, The Glam Pad was delighted by the overwhelming response to our classical inclusions last month. We were shocked to learn from Lee Cordon, founder of Do Say Give, that each year over 200,000 children’s titles are published. That is over 550 per day! This statistic reflects a stark reality of a consumption society that is quick to banish the “old”. Now, we are all for the new and exciting, but the classics stand the test of time for a reason. Cordon puts it beautifully, “So many of these books have the things we want filling our children’s minds: captivating illustrations, beautiful language, and stories that encourage imagination and curiosity in children.”

In this spirit, Cordon has founded the Classic Children’s Book Club. June 6th kicked off the start of the first annual book club but with the go-at-your-own pace program, the list can be enjoyed anytime within the six-week program and beyond. Her mission through the book club is to cultivate a love of reading classic texts. While school is out for summer, there is no better time to promote strong reading habits and take a break from screens. And the icing on the cake? Cordon is offering TGP readers a 20% discount with code THEGLAMPAD!

Classic Children’s Book Club

With a storied past and incredible ability to shake up the industry, Schumacher has launched its first-ever capsule outdoor furniture collection, Schumacher Editions. Handcrafted in Italy through the eyes of three young designers from Denmark, Finland, and Brooklyn, the collection contains an array of pieces perfectly designed for everyday and entertainment. So often outdoor dining furniture can appear as an afterthought, uncomfortable, and maybe even impractical. The success of the collection is found in its simple lines reminiscent of modern indoor dining furniture with ease of comfort. And it would not be Schumacher without the addition of fiercely spunky prints in playful colors. Take a look!


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  1. Just adore Luke Edward Hall have been following him for awhile. Enjoy his eclectic style. Have seen all his little films. Have not heard of Carly Kuhn really love chairs so this is perfect. Leave it to you to open my eyes to different beautiful things.


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