Stephanie Fishwick x Dear Elouise, The New Antiquarians at the Palm Beach Atelier, and Mark D. Sikes for Schumacher

Welcome to TGP Tidbits where we round up the happenings and our musings of the design industry each week. This week we take a look at Stephanie Fishwick’s collaboration with Dear Elouise, The New Antiquarians at the Palm Beach Atelier, and Mark D. Sikes for Schumacher. Written by Natalie Aldridge.

Stephanie Fishwick for Dear Elouise

Renowned artist Stephanie Fishwick has teamed up with premium paper purveyor Dear Elouise to create an exclusive collection of customizable paper goods. This collaboration is a match made in paper heaven, blending Fishwick’s artistic flair with Dear Elouise’s design expertise. From wedding invites to birth announcements, Fishwick’s Party Packs for Dear Elouise are here and ready to add a personalized touch to your next soirée or life event.

Stephanie Fishwick’s exquisite designs, adored by The Glam Pad, will now come to life in a whole new way with Dear Elouise’s stationery options. Whether you prefer letterpress, engraving, foil, or flat printing, your paper dreams are about to come true. Simply select your paper, choose your calligraphy style, and voila! Each piece is customized to reflect your unique style and personality, ensuring a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Under the guidance of Brent Ellis, Dear Elouise has become synonymous with timeless stationery that tells a story and exudes old-world charm. This collaboration with Fishwick adds an extra touch of magic to the studio’s offerings, providing clients with even more ways to create unforgettable paper treasures. We just adore this collection!

In light of this week’s announcement that Crane, the iconic 220-year-old American stationery manufacturer, is currently shuttered for business, we at The Glam Pad will be ramping up efforts to encourage the art of letter writing so it may continued to be passed down to the younger generations. You can read more about our passion for written correspondence and beautiful stationery here, here, and here.

The full Stephanie Fishwick for Dear Elouise collection can be shopped here.

The New Antiquarians at the Palm Beach Atelier

If you find yourself in Palm Beach next week, join the Palm Beach Atelier for an exciting and inspiring afternoon with author of The New Antiquarians, Michael Diaz-Griffith and Klismos Gallery’s Collier Calandruccio. Founded by New York City-based interior designer Sarah Magness of Studio Magness, the Palm Beach Atelier endeavors to capture the essence of a historical atelier experience. The objective is to highlight craftsmanship inspired by the artisanal traditions of the Old World, exemplified by the atelier’s esteemed partners: Hyde Park Mouldings, Marmi Stone, McKinnon and Harris, Rinck, and Sacco Carpet.

Nestled within the historic Paramount Building, this jewel box space embodies Magness’s curatorial vision, intended to ignite intellectual curiosity and foster creativity. On February 20th, from 11 am to 2 pm, Michael Diaz-Griffith will be signing copies of his book. Additionally, Collier Calandruccio, a distinguished New Antiquarian, will be showcasing captivating antiques from his esteemed New York gallery within the space.

Rendering by Natalie Aldridge

Mark D. Sikes for Schumacher

Schumacher has introduced a sumptuous new collection of wallpaper panels that we are loving! Launched alongside the new Basics collection by Schumacher’s longtime collaborator Mark D. Sikes, these panels are captivating and serve as an effortless trick to accentuate the architectural features of any room, instantly enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Years of meticulous craftsmanship have been poured into the creation of these stunning sets by the Los Angeles-based designer, which are brimming with intricate details and imaginative designs, all inspired by hand-painted artwork and meticulously crafted to complement other beloved patterns from the designer’s portfolio. Take a look!

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Shop this week’s inspired finds!

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