Monday, September 23, 2013

The Historic Villages of Coral Gables

In light of our recent move to Coral Gables, Florida, I have been showcasing some of the lovely, historic homes developed as part of "The Village Project" in the 1920s by Coral Gables founder, George Merrick. Today, the historic villages include the Chinese Village, the Italian Village, the Dutch South African Village, the French Provincial Village, the French Country Village, the French City Village, and the Florida Pioneer/Colonial Village.

Which home is your favorite?


And now back to the unpacking... All of our things from Dallas storage arrived last week, and I've been a busy bee sorting through all 851 boxes. Yes, 851 of them! There is no rest for the weary...


  1. Oh I love the Florida Pioneer!! My favorite.....
    By the way, the series was a great idea!

  2. They're all so lovely and unique, it's hard to pick a favorite! It's a tie between the Florida Pioneer and the French City Village.

  3. Love it, its so lush and are a lucky lady!

  4. 851 boxes, oh boy you have work to do!

  5. I just received a copy of The Tropical Cottage. I am learning more about the history of the Coral gables houses.
    851 boxes. Cough cough. Hopefully you'll have help for this big task!
    take care

  6. What an eclectic and wonderful neighborhood, but I think my favorite is the first one - just love a double front porch! Hope your unpacking goes well...don't envy you with that task!

  7. The French City is definitely my favorite. Happy unpacking. I bet some of your things feel like new finds since it has been a while.

  8. I absolutely loved getting to see this! Oh my goodness. 851 boxes? I'm tired just thinking about it!!


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