Tuesday, October 20, 2015

PKL The Cellar

Last month, I wrote about the incredible work of Parker Kennedy Living... I am such a HUGE fan! I am also a huge fan of @PKLTHECELLAR - the Instagram account Parker Kennedy Living's founder Lance Jackson created with Paige Minear from The Pink Clutch.  Each Thursday Lance and Paige host a weekly Flash Sale/Pop-Up Shop via Instagram and Shopify with all of the vintage accessories and items they have handpicked utilizing their expert treasure hunting skills. Here is sampling of what you will find at a typical sale, along with a Q&A I conducted with the dynamic duo! 

What fuels your passion for Palm Beach style and bold colors? 

Paige:  I am a Floridian and grew up in the sea of pink, turquoise, and lime green.  My heart is drawn to any and all things that elicit that same feeling I had as a child surrounded with palm trees, bright colors, and bamboo.  Luckily for me my husband grew up in Jupiter, Florida so he is more than happy to embrace Palm Beach style in our home.  For us it is the next best thing to living in a cottage on the beach!

Lance:  It is fresh and evokes a luxury lifestyle.

What inspired you to pursue a future in interior design?

Paige: I actually have a back ground in fashion and worked in retail.  My favorite day was floor moves with the visual team that would arrive ready to make over the space.  I view our home as that same visual space that I can dress up any way that suits me or the season. Lance is the design talent and definitely my go to for hard decisions!  He inspires me daily to go big and never go home!

Lance: I always had a love of architecture and it spilled over into interior design with color texture and style.

Which designers inspired you and continue to inspire you the most?

Paige: I am constantly inspired by so many things and find inspiration in everything around me.  I have always loved Bunny Williams and Charlotte Moss.  Most of my design icons are in the fashion world, but I am blessed to get to spend so much time with a designer who inspires every aspect of my life... Lance Jackson!

Lance:  David Hicks, Billy Baldwin, Sister Parish, Mario Buatta, and Mary McDonald.

How did the two of you meet and begin working together?

Paige: Lance and I met at Scott's Antique Market a few years ago and our relationship took off quickly when he and David moved very close to us.  We are truly twins separated at birth and can finish each other sentences.  Best friends appear in your life when you need them most, and he and David have been incredible to my family on more occasions than I can count.  We are lucky to have them as such dear friends!  Lance and I have always loved shopping together, and our collections outgrew our storage.  It was a choice to either stop collecting or start selling... clearly we chose the smarter option and started selling!

Lance:  We met at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta and become instant friends when we realized we lived so close to one another. We both have an addiction to shopping for vintage and wanted bring our vintage finds to social media for flash sales.

When did you decide to create PLK The Cellar? 

Paige: Lance and I had many conversations about whether or not to open The Cellar and the timing for quite a while wasn't right.  He was swamped and my husband traveled weekly.  Last spring we just threw caution to the wind and went for it and clearly our decision paid off.  Neither of us expected The Cellar to be the success it was so quickly.  We have adapted when we needed to and will continue to do so to be able to provide our customers with amazing pieces.  We buy what we love and it seems to work perfectly!

Lance:  Late last Spring – early summer.

How do you find such amazing pieces?

Paige: The hunt is the best part!  We scour and drive to shop in the best places we can find.  There are plenty of times we walk away from pieces but the sheer fact that we shop so much means we find some incredible things.  My favorite thing is hearing Lance gasp when he finds something he knows we have to buy!

Lance:  We travel all over the south in dives to find the best stuff.

What are the most popular items you sell?

Paige: We sell a ton of blue and white and we also sell a good bit of fun Chinoiserie pieces for decorating and bar carts.  Our monkeys and elephants are the quickest pieces to go for sure!

Lance: Blue and white vintage porcelains, pineapples, and anything with monkeys.

This monkey is the "one that got away" for me... I missed him by seconds! I'm obsessed with the tobacco leaf pattern on his bowl. 

Any advice for shopping PKL The Cellar? Things move fast!! 

Paige: I would say comment quickly and then you can always pass to the next in line if you change your mind during the sale.  Things do sell so quickly and the customer who posts first wins, of course.  Plan for the day, eat your Wheaties and have your caffeine ready to go.  (That is always my plan!  xo) And then just enjoy the fabulous things we list!  We love sale day... it's an adrenaline rush for sure.

Lance: I would suggest to comment sold ASAP when you see something you like and then comment later with your email address for us to bill you.

Anything else you would like to share?

Paige: We love to hear from our customers and to see our finds in their homes.  Post your pictures on Instagram and tag us.  It is so fun seeing things gifted and styled!

Sales goes live each Thursday at 10 a.m. EST via Instagram page @PKLTHECELLAR and Shopify. In preparation, I will be eating my Wheaties for sure! 


  1. Andrea I adore PKTHECELLAR!! Lance and Paige find the most incredible accessories. I still want the dogs above on the navy base if they are available!! Thanks for the feature!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Thank you so much Andrea for featuring us! I adore your style and your eye for Palm Beach Chic! XOXOXO Lance @ PKL

  3. LOVE Parker Kennedy - went to the Cathedral Antiques Show House a few years back and saw their navy and fuchsia living room - Gorgeous!!!! Love their work!


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