An English-Inspired East Hampton Home by Jack Fhillips

I am a huge fan of Palm Beach-based Jack Fhillips Design, and I was thrilled when photographer Carmel Brantley of Brantley Photography introduced me to a Hamptons home Jack designed for his client Gloria Kirschner. Jack says…

“This property in East Hampton, NY on Georgica Road represents a uniquely different look for the Hamptons. It turns its back on the common look use of slipcovers and cuteness. In designing the property, a more timeless approach was considered in architectural detail and investment furnishings. The interiors always played into the large amount of the green landscape outside. By using the hues of the green landscape inside, the large house full of windows became connected to nature as one. Nothing jarred the eye.

By using a wonderful collection of 19th century continental furnishings, art and accessories the house was given a very unique and special look that feels like a very old family home. The gothic details throughout are picked up in a lot of the furnishings. I truly believe it is one of the most beautiful homes in the Hamptons, as its comforting warmth combined with its extreme privacy and low key elegance give a weekend guest the best of a sophisticated world.” 

Captioned images below were featured in Traditional Home. Non-captioned images were not published and are provided by Brantley Photography. Photography by Robert Brantley.

In the two-story-high living room, antique Continental furniture upholstered in a variety of cotton fabrics surrounds a 19th-century English cocktail table.

This gorgeous mirror-doored secretary in the living room is an antique.
A gingham cushion on a mahogany early Empire-style settee provides a preview of the fresh updates integrated throughout the Kirschner home.

Faced in English pine that has been waxed to give it patina, the library’s highlight is a group of English portraits. On top of a jute rug, English furniture upholstered in such hardy fabrics as cotton velvets and leathers underscores the room’s cozy appeal.
To complement the green colorings that are prominent around the house, ivy-embroidered sheers filter the light streaming in through the large window in the library.
With walls upholstered in green-and-ivory toile, the dining room had minimal space for artwork. A pastoral oil painting from the 1800s is displayed above the fireplace.
Old family silver serving pieces mix comfortably with a silver Edwardian punch bowl.
In a corner of the dining room, a sweet vignette made up of antiques Gloria owned.
In the entry hall gallery that wraps the inside perimeter of the house, an antique, carved library table is flanked by matching Chippendale chairs and guarded by a pair of ceramic Chinese Foo Dogs. Much of the furniture in the house was acquired during trips to auction houses in New York, Connecticut, and Florida. Floors throughout the gallery are antiqued limestone.

Honey-toned pine cabinetry and dark green subway tile backsplashes give the kitchen the feel of an old English country house.
An antique Pembroke table at a kitchen window is a lovely spot for a morning cup of coffee and for organizing the day. The green cupboard holds some of Gloria’s glass and pewter collection.
In the breakfast room, antique faux-bamboo chairs from England are cushioned with chair pads made of embroidered cotton that complements the green-and-ivory toile draperies.

Anchored by a needlepoint rug purchased at an auction, the master bedroom showcases a focal-point four-poster updated with a fresh coat of white paint. Sage green painted walls complete the look.
The bedside table is an antique American washstand.
The guest bedroom proudly wears a hand-blocked floral linen on the walls. It’s a bold touch that imbues the room with vibrancy and offers a change of pace from the more soft-spoken downstairs spaces. “In this bedroom, it almost feels like you are stepping into a painting,” says Fhillips. “It has a kick that departs from the rest of the softness.”
The guest bedroom’s settee and matching chairs are all upholstered in a burlap-like linen. “Even though this house is formally assembled, there are no fancy fabrics,” says designer Jack Fhillips. “Everything is cotton or linen—a little bit country but without cute painted furniture and distressed finishes.” A jute rug from ABC Home & Carpet softens the floor.

The railing of this spectacular staircase at the back of the house recalls Gothic architecture.
And how much fun is this light-filled landing at the top of that staircase?
The cushion fabric shows homeowner Gloria Kirschner’s love of the Hamptons’ signature hydrangeas.
The home opens to several verdant and inviting outdoor spaces.
The pool house, reflected in the water, features teak furniture from Indonesia.

Such a beautiful home! Jack is a master when it comes to creating layers of divine detail, and I love the restrained green and white palette.  In March, I featured a spectacular Palm Beach home he designed with a primarily blue and white palette… it was designed in six weeks, but looks like it was collected over a lifetime! For additional information, please visit Jack Fhillips Design and Traditional Home.  And thank you to Brantley Photography for the incredible photography. Carmel Brantley’s Instagram account is a must follow… she never fails to add a little sunshine to each day!





  1. Spectacular! The difference between old money and new money is so apparent here. It has warmth and good breeding – something there has been too little of in recent years. It’s encouraging to think that it still exists.

  2. Half way through I realized I w not looking at a movie set but real life. And not in England but here in US. I noted early on, too, that were were not surprised if modern painted or decor. The soft touches of cream , green and patterned fabric with the brown wood work. I want to redo my house ! Yes I loved this feature. I will be following Mr Phillips other works.

  3. While not typically a fan of green in my decor I must tell you that this home is breathtaking in it’s warmth and beauty. I bookmarked this post. Loved the whole tour. This home has substance and grace not seen enough these days.

  4. Perfection! The use of layers of color and detail are breathtaking, especially in the age of the gray monochromatic decor that’s is everywhere.

    Thank you for putting this post together!


  5. Finally, someone who does not do the same look you see everywhere else ! This is classic and the personality and taste of an individual who is secure in what they like, not copying the trend . Trends are so boring.

  6. One of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. I just wish he would come over to England and redesign my Victorian Rectory!!

  7. Classic, beautiful design Jack! I love what you have done in this house. It is traditional but fresh at the same time!


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