Grandmillennial Treasures for Spring

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner on April 4? This year seems to be flying by, and we are ready to add a little spring to our step!  One of our favorite go-to resources for decorating is eBay, and today we are sharing our favorite finds from vintage paper mache German eggs and antique porcelain to chic caftans and charms…. And make sure to keep scrolling for the loveliest Spring decorating and tablescape inspirational images!

Lacelliese Recommends: 

I am currently taking a laissez-faire approach to spring cleaning… that is, I am more interested in what goodies others are tossing out than in undertaking a deep-clean of my own! You know the old saying, “one woman’s junk is another Grandmillennial’s treasure!” If you are ready to Kondo your condo, eBay is a one of my go-to sources for splendid spring updates to home and wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorites, with descriptions below:

La Vie

I love Dallas-based LaVie Style House for their glamorous, chic caftans that are equally versatile wardrobe essentials! For an unconventional Easter dress that will be just as perfect poolside, La Vie caftans are just the thing, and there are some great finds to be had on eBay.

German Eggs

My mum began collecting eggs at the German Easter markets during her travels across Europe before I was born, and they are among my most treasured spring decorations. Since not much travel abroad has ensued lately, I have used eBay to source a few delightful additions to my own collection.

Herend Bunnies

Anything from Herend makes the beginning of a wonderful family heirloom piece, and a bunny makes an especially precious gift this time of year. Herend rabbits of all sizes, poses, and colors can be found on eBay for a fraction of the original price.

D. Porthault Linens

One of my most treasured collections, I received my first piece of D. Porthault (in pink Coeurs hearts, natch) years ago from a former neighbor and now dear friend who has one of the most robust Porthault collections I know of. I am fortunate to still have him as a confidante and expert consultant on every Porthault acquistion, whether purchasing from the boutique or via eBay, which is filled with both contemporary and vintage finds.

Andrea Recommends:

I cannot believe it has almost been a year since we moved into our new house. While we are still under renovation, I continue to organize, purge, and create wish lists.  When it comes to decorating and spring cleaning, my motto is “out with the new, and in with the old!” And as an active member for almost 20 years (my goodness, where does the time go?!) eBay has become a trusted source for just about anything and everything imaginable! Here are a few of my spring shopping ideas, with descriptions below…

Vintage silver baskets

Vintage silver and sterling baskets are perfect for Easter decorating. They are such a lovely way to display your egg collections, jelly beans, or other spring treasures!

Halcyon Days Eggs

Halcyon Days was founded in London in 1950 with the goal of reviving the art of enameling on copper. This artisan craft had flourished throughout the second half of the 18th century, but had almost completely ceased by the 1830s.  Halcyon Days recreated the decorative and sentimental “Battersea box” thus their signature enamel box was born, each made by hand.

I collect Halcyon Days enamel eggs with sweet sentiments along with annual editions from years gone by. I have a running list of missing years in my eBay Saved Searches. Look for years that represent special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. P.S. They look beautiful when displayed in a silver basket!

Antique Limoges

I have collected pieces of antique Limoges porcelain from the late 19th and early 20th century for years. Exquisitely hand painted with gold accents, antique Limoges is currently undervalued and plentifully available. But with Grandmillennial tastemakers such as Emily Hertz from Born on Fifth and Nicola Bathie McLaughlin bringing it back into the limelight, I expect prices will soon soar. Mix and match with your current china, or enjoy select pieces for display. I have a collection of platters and plates with blue roses and bows above the door to our kitchen, and I particularly love my blue rose sugar bowl!

Vintage Charms

My Grandmother started two charm bracelets for me when I was five – one silver and one gold. Most of the charms she gifted over the years, and many were originally hers or my mothers. Lately I have been adding to my gold collection, and I particularly love the vintage charms you can find on eBay.  The ones that move or open are especially fun! Above are a few that would be perfect for the Easter basket, hint hint!

Inspirational Images

Meredith Lewis displays fishnet Herend bunnies, antique Limoges porcelain, and individual silver baskets!
Splendor in the South
Martha Stewart
Walter Magazine
Holly Holden
Victoria magazine… note the beautiful silver basket!
Victoria magazine
Meredith Lewis
German paper mache eggs, source unknown
A beautiful spring tablescape featuring D. Porthault linens by David Stark
D. Porthault (BTW, you can find some fabulous vintage Sherle Wagner sinks and faucets on eBay too!)
Nicola Bathie McLaughlin‘s antique Limoges bread plates
More of Nicola‘s Limoges collection…
Emily Hertz
Andrea’s antique Limoges plates and platter on display

What is on your shopping list for spring, and what do you look for on eBay? To see our Christmas recommendations, please click here… The silver ornaments were a huge hit!


  1. Lots to love here. Beautiful images and promises of spring. Meanwhile, we have snow on the ground here, so it seems a long way off, but it’s nice to look forward to the flowers and warm weather. Thanks for these. Some great things!


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