Scalamandré Zebras, Park Avenue Tree Lighting, Dorothy Draper Stockings, and Our Holiday Tartan Edit

Welcome to TGP Tidbits where we round up the happenings and our musings of the design industry each week. This week we take a look at MAE New York’s latest collection with Scalamandré, the annual Park Avenue Tree Lighting, Dorothy Draper Stockings, and our Holiday Tartan Edit. Written by Natalie Aldridge.

MAE for Scalamandré

This year, Scalamandré boldly embarked on a new creative venture, injecting a burst of fresh life into their iconic Zebra motif. Those fabulous Zebras, once confined to the realms of printed fabric and wallcoverings, have undergone a magical transformation in the form of fashion. Born out of a collaboration with Sarah Mae Ettinger, founder of MAE New York, the pair dropped a limited collection featuring four garments in a jacquard incarnation of the iconic print. The Glam Pad fell in love and just in time for the holidays, they’ve unleashed a brand-new colorway of these charismatic zebras, now gracing three classic MAE pieces. Take a look!

The full collection can be found here and is expected to ship mid-December.

Park Avenue Tree Lighting

Each year the Upper East Side of Manhattan gathers for much cherished event of the Park Avenue Tree Lighting at Brick Church. This beautiful tradition began in 1945 with a group of Park Avenue families who sought to pay tribute to the men and women who had valiantly sacrificed their lives during World War II. Their solution was to adorn the thoroughfares of the avenue with illuminated Christmas trees for the holiday season.

Needlepoint by Rudy Saunders

Today, the radiant trees, gracing the medians between 54th and 97th Streets, stand as enduring symbols of peace and poignant reminders of the sacrifices made to achieve it. Each year, on the first Sunday of December, the Fund for Park Avenue and Brick Church unite the neighborhood in a heartwarming celebration. The event features Christmas carols, uplifting messages, and endless holiday cheer, ending in the grand illumination of the trees.

Despite the misty weather, this year’s festivities proved to be as enchanting and magical as ever!

Dorothy Draper Stockings

Christmas is fast approaching, and it has taken us by surprise. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect stockings for your mantel this year – we have just the ones for you. Infuse your holiday decor with timeless and iconic Dorothy Draper prints! Dorothy Draper is offering Christmas stockings in four of their iconic prints: Brazilliance, Akakina, Shannongrove in Blue, and Shannongrove in Yellow.

Our Holiday Tartan Edit

Last week, we delved into Grandpa Chic, a trend that’s sweeping through the design world. Although we typically shy away from trends, this one has genuinely captured our attention, especially for the holiday season, as it perfectly bridges the gap between tradition and reinvention. With opulent hues, weathered leather, treasured heirlooms, and motifs inspired by Ivy League aesthetics, it evokes sophistication without stiff formality.

Alison Sherman

In honor of “Grandpa Chic” and embracing the classic holiday spirit, we have put together our favorite tartan finds if the season. Shop below!

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Shop this week’s inspired finds!

x Natalie
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