Trend Alert: “Grandpa Chic” Christmas

At The Glam Pad, we typically approach trends with caution. Nevertheless, when an intriguing “trend” emerges, we feel compelled to delve into it, exploring its rise and intricacies. Occasionally, a trend surfaces that embodies a revival or reinterpretation of a timeless aesthetic rather than a transient style. Enter Grandpa Chic: the carefully curated aesthetic that strikes an impeccable balance between elegance and comfort. In recent years, there has been a significant resurgence of heritage-inspired style. The Grandmillennial movement that began in 2019 has inspired other nostalgic “trends” such as Coastal Grandmother, Quiet Luxury, and Grandpa Chic being the latest iteration.

Comparatively, Grandpa Chic represents a more masculine and relaxed interpretation of these classically driven trends. Think deep, rich tones, leather, heirlooms that well loved and worn, tartan, and Ivy League motifs, all with a lingering scent of your grandfather’s cigar.  This comfortable yet highly refined style evokes told-school social clubs, inviting you to step inside and linger without the stuffiness.

As advocates for heirlooms, cherishing timeless elegance, and embracing old-fashioned charm, The Glam Pad wholeheartedly embraces this trend. It achieves an ideal balance between sophistication and informality, granting the freedom to incorporate inherited pieces in a relaxed manner, seamlessly blended with the comforting elements we all adore. Grandpa Chic embodies the essence of the country club while leaving pretension at the door.

Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson
Alison Sherman
Victoria Magazine
Alison Sherman
Alison Sherman
Judy Rizzo
Brian Branton
Sara Hillery
Ralph Lauren
Carolyne Roehm
Craftberry Bush
Suzanne Kasler for Ballard Designs (shop here)
The Well Appointed House
Chelsea Robinson Interiors
Juliska (shop here)
Williams Sonoma (shop here)
Southern Accents
Lee Robinson

10 Tips to Incorporating Grandpa Chic Decor

Below are some tips on how to achieve Grandpa Chic in your Christmas – or year-round – decor..

  1. Bring on the plaids! A tartan pillow here and throw there is all you need for that bit of heritage and warmth. But if you are feeling daring, go for it with tartan wall coverings and fabrics.
  2. Embrace rich tones: Think forest green, burgundy, navy blue, chocolate brown.
  3. Nautical and equestrian, or even rustic elements are always welcome.
  4. Focus on classic red and green and all things traditional for Christmas decorating.
  5. Wood paneling and deep red brick is your friend!
  6. Use your china and silverware. There is no need to wait for a special occasion. And a little tarnish never hurt anyone.
  7. Keep your grandfather’s big leather chair.
  8. Cozy is key… Layer blankets, pillows, rugs, and candles with plenty of heirlooms and antiques.
  9. Family pictures in silver frames and traditional oil paintings add generational depth and lend an air of nostalgia.
  10. Adhere to a “collected” and maximalist approach. Needlepoint, tortoise, malachite, velvets, and leather make excellent accents!

The Glam Pad adores this timeless “trend”! What are your thoughts on Grandpa Chic? To learn more about what trends are hot this holiday season, check out Etsy’s 2023 Holiday Trend Report.


  1. Bring on the Grandpa Chic for Christmas! Alison Sherman photo was my favorite but others was pretty also. Love Tartan and Equestrian theme!

  2. This looks like English country house decorating, which has been around since Henry Fielding wrote about Squires Allworthy and Weston.

  3. I dearly love that Brian Branton photo. I was walking around Old Town Alexandria yesterday, and the decorations on all the lovely historic houses are just incredible. Everyone has their sidewalk urns and window boxes, windows, doors, etc. decorated for Christmas…many of the wreaths & garlands appeared to be freshly made like what Brian Branton does every year (that’s apparently what creative people do…I, in the other hand, buy garlands from Frontgate for my non-historic home in the nearby suburbs- ha).


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