A Charming Green Monochromatic Cottage

For Palm Beach-based designer Jack Fhillips, Black Squirrel Farm, his 123-year-old country home in upstate New York, is an oasis for relaxation.  The soothing green and white palette was inspired by the greens of the surrounding pines and evergreens. “My attitude is, when you’re surrounded by nature that way, you need to make it flow inside,” he told The Cottage Journal. After collecting dozens of green paint samples, the resulting choices range from pistachio to sage to mint and bottle-green.  The various shades keep the monochromatic scheme in each room interesting, and the warmth of the wood adds depth and contrast.

Originally a boarding house, the simple shingled structure “was a sad old house, in a way” when Jack purchased it with updates reflecting “the sins of the ‘70s and the bad vibes from the ‘80s,” he said. While renovation was underway, Jack began collecting furniture and accessories. He selected 18th- and 19th-century English furniture to complement the style and period of the house. While some pieces had a pedigree, others were rescued from the curb or discovered at thrift shops and given a second life with paint and upholstery.  “When I see a chipped plate or a dented, dinged piece of furniture, I say, ‘If only you could talk,’ he said. “It means more if it’s not perfect.” The mixing of fine antiques and salvaged finds evokes the “British bits-and-pieces” approach to decorating and gives a house comfortable, welcoming character perfect for a retreat in the country.

This tour was originally featured in The Cottage Journal, and additional photography was graciously provided by Carmel Brantley of Brantley Photography.

Did you notice one room – a guest bedroom – that departs from the green theme? A brown and white Mount Vernon toile inspired Jack to begin collecting George and Martha Washington items, including an antique print of the first President.

Jack Fhillips has offices in Palm Beach and Manhattan. You can learn more by visiting Jack Fhillips Design and follow @jackfhillipsdesign on Instagram for ongoing inspiration. I also recommend following @brantleyphoto for beautiful photography inspiration. To see more of Jack’s work, as featured by The Glam Pad, please click on the links below…


  1. I so enjoyed this piece! A totally charming property- never tire of all the various shades of green- I find them very restful all year round. Thank you for sharing this with your viewers.

  2. I always found green to be a challenging color to get “just right” but this house nailed it. Absolutely stunning…everything!

  3. Utterly wonderful and charming. Like a comfy chair – I just want to sink in and breathe a sigh and enjoy. Not too decorated and precious. Homey and lovely.

  4. Just perfect. His use of slip covers gives that cozy, very English feeling. Its delight is that it’s not “decorated” but “acquired”. That always makes the best houses.

  5. This was lovely! Green is my favorite color for decorating, so fun to see all the lovely shades of green used and how cheerful, calm and perfect they all look…Adore all the Dog figurines and art as well…Thank you!

  6. This is my most favorite house of all your postings. I have been lucky to inherit many similar types of furniture and follow the same direction in decorating but have felt the need of refreshing some roooms but keeping the original feel. This house has energized my
    thoughts. Thanks so much.

  7. What a beautiful cottage. I’ve always felt that green, in all its nature-inspired variations, is woefully underrepresented in the design world. Especially now, when there is such a focus on “green living” and “green solutions,” I don’t understand it. I’ve incorporated a lot of green in my home, but it is difficult to find a wide selection of wallpapers, fabrics, accessories, etc.

  8. How beautiful are the different shades of green in this home. I probably wouldn’t do it in my home, due to the fact that not every single piece of furniture and accessories I have would make for a cohesive and complete design, but I do love what he has done.

    I am a cat lover and your story made me cry. I presently have 2 dogs indoors but have had more cats than dogs in my long (77 yrs) life. To satisfy my love of cats, and because the Universe knew I would care for them, I have a colony of 9 feral and semi-feral community cats (all but 2 of whom I have “fixed”) who eat and shelter in my nearby treeline, in my backyard, on my deck, and always in my heart. My fall and winter to-do list has not been Thanksgiving decor, but has been beefing up the insulation and bedding in the 10-12 small protective shelters I provide for them. And, there is always a spare shelter for that one lonely possum I seem to inherit every winter as it starts to get cold. It’s not a calling for everyone, but it has been my joy and pleasure to help these wonderful feline creatures who are homeless through no fault of their own.


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